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Alex Articles

3 Tips to Embracing the Moment with Seniors

Would you agree that in this current age, it is becoming more difficult to avoid distractions? Cellphone notifications dominate most of our day – from work emails, to personal text messages and news alerts, our phones never give us a break. Even when they are put aside for a couple hours, time is still needed […]

What Tom Hanks Taught us About Loneliness in Seniors

Did you get to enjoy the outdoors this summer? Pitch the tent? Start the campfire? Personalize the family campsite? Hollywood celebrity Tom Hanks worked hard on his campsite in the blockbuster film Cast Away (2000). In his Oscar nominated performance, Hanks battles a classic concept known as the “7 Enemies of Survival”. 7 Enemies of […]

Combating Ageism: Does Age Matter?

Have you ever blamed your forgetfulness on your age? Claimed you were “having a senior moment”? Or told someone they look good for their age? Although these comments may not have had negative intentions, they are actually Ageist. By the end of this post, the goal will be to provide you with some insight on […]

Traveling with Elders: The Sacred Pause

“Are we there yet?” Does this question remind you of a holiday weekend road trip with children? As you think back, were you calm? Were you able to politely use the same answer you used 5 minutes ago? Now, imagine a similar traveling situation where an elderly loved one repeatedly asks the same question about […]

The Power of Group Exercise in Seniors

Have you heard of the phrase “movement is medicine”, or “sitting is the new smoking”? Did your family physician use it when they encouraged you to start exercising? There is no denying that we are constantly given information about the health risks of inactivity. But why is starting and maintaining an exercise routine so difficult? […]