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Erin Articles

Understanding Elder Abuse

One day while caregiving for a new elderly client, I noticed a large bruise on her forearm. When I asked her about it, she quickly retorted with “it was an accident” and skittishly dashed away. Later that day, when I was picking her up from her adult day program, the program director informed me of […]

Caring for an Elder Diagnosed with Cancer: Part 2

In part 1 of this two-part blog, Erin provided some tips for those caring for someone diagnosed with cancer. The importance of communication through open-mindedness, knowing when to talk, listening and not promising anything you can’t guarantee was discussed. In part 2 of her blog, she focuses on the importance of energy conservation and nutritious […]

The Struggles of Caregiving

You’re not alone. I didn’t choose to become a caregiver – it chose me. It was a natural path I discovered that has since opened a window of opportunities for me in the home health care industry. Caring for those ranging from youth diagnosed with learning disorders to elders who are highly cognitively and physically […]

Caring for an Elder Diagnosed with Cancer: Part 1

As a caregiver, I have had the pleasure of caring for clients diagnosed with cancer. Although a rewarding task, there are definitely some precautions and knowledge that might be useful to know if you haven’t cared for someone with cancer before or are currently struggling to care for someone with cancer. In this two part […]

The Challenges of Nutritious Meal Preparation in Caregiving

Factories have begun infusing unnatural chemicals and hormones in to modern foods. If a senior requests for their caregiver to prepare them a meal similar to what the senior used to eat in the past, both the caregiver and the senior should realize that while the components of this potential replica meal may possibly look […]

Meet Erin

Erin Greene, 29, from Vancouver, WA started her love for caring and seniors at an early age. She came from a family of nurses. Both her mother and her grandmother are retired nurses. As a youngster, she participated in dance troupes that performed in hospice centers and assisted living facilities and donated to organizations focused […]