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How much does senior home care cost?

It’s commonly accepted that the vast majority of people want to stay at home as they age. In fact, according to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), 89% of people age 50 and older said they would prefer to remain in their home indefinitely as they age. Unfortunately, for families researching how to make this possible for their aging loved ones, the process can be overwhelming. Finding the right, helpful information when looking for care for aging parents can be very difficult in a sea of providers. One of the most common questions, if not the most common question, we hear almost every day is, “how much does private duty home care cost?” It’s the most natural question in the world. Whether we’re looking for care for ourselves or those we love, the financial impact certainly has to be considered.

Unfortunately this is one of the most elusive questions to have answered directly when researching senior home care in part because cost is very much dependent on each situation. Each particular client can have a variety of needs and the cost depends on that situation. Unfortunately, this has created the myth that home care is expensive. In fact, we work to deliver an affordable, flexible solution that can work within virtually any budget.

While most families think their parent will need full-time care, that is rarely the case. The vast majority of our clients receive a few hours of care per day, a few days per week – when they need it. A flexible solution that provides care only when clients need it helps keep home care services affordable – in many cases even more affordable than private facilities. In fact, home care clients of Nurse Next Door can have professional, supportive care in their own homes for less than $100 per week. To give you a better idea, here are a few typical scenarios and the customized solutions we’ve been able to create. Of course names have been changed (we value privacy!).

Taking Care – Mr. & Mrs. Klein

Senior Home CareMr. & Mrs. Klein have lived in the same home for the last 30 years. They have managed on their own quite well but a few months ago, Mr. Klein had a fall. Mrs. Klein had to take over more of the daily chores and the couple gave up their regular walks to the park as they were afraid Mr. Klein might fall again.

The couple now has a caregiver, Linda, from Nurse Next door come in twice a week for three hour visits. On one visit each week she’ll take care of the laundry, cleaning and other household chores Mr. & Mrs. Klein were struggling with. On the other, she takes care of the weekly grocery shopping before taking the couple on a walk together. She’s able to provide Mr. Klein a little added support while walking and of course provides Mrs. Klein peace of mind.

Solution: 3 hours / day, 2 visits / week

Approximate cost: $550 / month

Enriched Care – Mrs. Malone

Senior CareMrs. Malone is 81 years old, and as she has grown older, she has struggled with the mobility of her hands. Doing simple things like buttoning up her blouse, or bathing has become a more difficult task. A caregiver is hired to help her bathe, get dressed, and even put her favorite earrings on – she still loves looking great! Other visits consist of taking Mrs. Malone grocery shopping, to her appointments, cooking delicious meals together, and setting up her pill box for the week, to ensure she remembers to take her medications

Solution: 4 hours / day, 3 visits / week

Approximate cost: $1500 / month



Vital Care – Mr. Brown

Palliative CareMr. Brown has ALS and was paralyzed from the waist down at the time he first became a Nurse Next Door client. Caregivers focused on personal care and assisting Mr. Brown on outings and getting to appointments. As his condition advanced, and his paralysis moved up his body, a Tracheotomy procedure was required, and the tasks to take care of Mr. Brown changed. The caregivers all attended training provided and funded internally by Nurse Next Door, in order to know how to effectively use the instruments necessary to care for Mr. Brown, to service his required needs. Luckily, in doing this, he is able stay in his home, as he has wanted.

Solution: 7 hours / day, 5 visits / week

Approximate cost: $4000 / month


Of course included in each of these solutions are some tremendously valuable benefits including a Perfect Match caregiver, care management by an experience Care Designer as well as around-the-clock access to a team of specialists who can help families when emergencies arise.

Our services page outlines more of what each level of service covers. Typically, our clients only need our first level of care as they begin to age, as a preventative measure before something happens or conditions worsen. Our Care Designers find a Perfect Match caregiver for each client based on not only their clinical needs, but also their passions, interests and hobbies. Need someone who can speaks Italian and loves the opera? No problem! We then create customized care plans that help keep our clients at home and provide caregiving family members peace of mind.

If these home care services sound like they could help you, or your loved one, live at home longer, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We’d love to set up a FREE Caring Consult™ to build a senior home care plan catered to your needs and your budget. If you’d just like to learn a little more about what we provide, have a closer look at our home care services.

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  1. Renee Wong

    We need someone for only 10 days to two weeks. My mom will be away and we would like someone to look in on my dad. I live upstairs in the house but we work. We would prefer someone who is Chinese and preferably male?

    • yume

      Hi Renee,

      One of your team members will be able to contact you shortly.

      Thanks so much.

  2. susan

    My father 74 is having 2 knee cap replacement in aug I will not be in the city at this time do u have a rough idea of what we would need for care

  3. Shar Lynn

    mom needs someone to go to her house early in the morning (9:00a.m.?) to put on her stockings and evening (8:00p.m.?) to remove them again. other needs could be looked at as well as the situation warrants.

  4. Brenda Jensen

    My husband has dementia, I look after him a home and he attends a Day Care program twice a week.
    I have to have surgery on my teeth and require the following for one day.
    Arrive at my house at 7:00 to take me to the Dentist, would have to bring my husband along. Stay with me for one hour in the Dentist, take my husband to his Day Care program at 10:00.
    Pick me me up at 11:00, bring me home as I will be sedated, stay with me until 2:30. Pick up my husband at Day care at 2:30 return to the house and stay with us until approx 6:00 to ensure that I do not have a reaction to the sedation.
    Thank you I look forward to you reply and the costs for these services.

  5. Kimberly Herrington

    Hi my mother has Huntington’s disease and can’t get into a nursing home at the moment. How do I get in contact with a nurse that can come to the house and take care of her assistance?

  6. lesley vogel

    my father is 92 years young, since my mom passed two years ago it has been a constant battle with dad not eating and since losing his car his solitary lifestyle began so we need someone who could cook a lunch, maybe do some laundry and stop and say hi, thanks lesley vogel

  7. Jo-Anne Cahill

    My mother has Dimentia, and with age it has become worse. She cannot be left alone. I am her main caregiver. what we need is someone to come in for a few hours a week so I can go to appts., see a friend, have some time to relax. Could you plan home care services for us?

  8. Barbara Gordon

    Do you provide night care were a caregiver would stay with them for a 12 hour night shift. Would need to be 7 nights per week. What would be the cost?

  9. Rina Sant

    Nursing homes typically charge higher fees than residential homes because they also provide specialist medical care. A nursing home can cost between £500 and £1,100 a week, with the average cost approximately £36,000 per year. The cost of a care home will depend on the type of accommodation, where it is located and the services it provides. However, you will not be expected to meet all these costs yourself.


    A good friend has just had a hip replaced and is now in assisted living. He wants to get back in his home with some help. I believe two hours a day to help with some light chores ,assort his pills, and other light duties. what would this cost. thank you Tom

  11. Donna Brown

    My husband has been diagnosed with ALS and we both would prefer for him to be cared for at home rather than a long term facility. Do you provide services in California?

  12. Tara

    Hello. My grandmother recently had an invasive surgery that has left her very weak. She needs someone who can come to her house, help her get dressed, along with other small daily tasks. She also needs someone to take her to doctor appointments and to pick up her medications. I would very much appreciate an estimate on home care for her. Thank you so much.

  13. Liz Lepp

    I would like to enquire as to availability and cost for a RN or PCN to administer sliding scale insulin to a senior living in an assisted living environment.

  14. Tyler

    Please email me for assisting my mom with groceries and transportation to doctor visits. Thanks.

  15. Tisha Francis

    I feel that my Mother in law could benefit from your enriched program. She needs 3 days per week to assist her with bathing, dressing, meal preparation etc…. would be very helpful. She has Hodgkins Disease and has a hard time with the mobility in her hands. Please contact me.
    Thank you

  16. M.G. Bown-Orr

    We require 24 hour care for our family member with terminal liver cancer and accompanying confusion. He is bedridden, no IV lines, only po meds, and requires only supportive care. Price quote please ASAP, as fulltime care may be required by this Monday
    Thank you, Michael

  17. Sean maggiora

    I’m wanting to see what it would cost to have a nurse come by every 10 days to give me a shot.

  18. Steve

    I need care for a 93 yr old man at function in Corvalis, Or. Some dementia, possible toileting.

  19. Pam

    my dad has dementia and can no longer walk. My mom is frail and needs help transporting him to wheelchair, ADLS and help at night, as he often has trouble sleeping at night. He has been in nursing home 12 days and mother feels he is getting worse and wants to bring him home but we will need assistance. She is worried about the cost. Can you help us.

    • Lesley Chang

      Hi Pam, we’ve forwarded your comment to our Care Services Center. One of our specialists will reach out to you today. Thanks!

  20. Rita knapp

    My father had a stroke and requires outpatient speech and occupational therapy. He will require an attendant to accompany him to appointments. What is the hourly rate ?

  21. Roberta Domae

    Have someone in care facility but in 2009 noticed you have a “brain training” program. Interested in finding out if this program is still available and how we can get it started. This will not be home care.

    • Lesley Chang

      Hi Roberta, We’ll have someone from our Care Services team reach out to you with some more information soon! Thanks for visiting our blog.

  22. cynthia edmonds

    my mother is 92 years old, always have been independent, she had a stroke and has lost use of her right side and speech for now. she is in extensive rehab. I would like to get an estimate of how much a private RN would be for her daily .
    please email me.
    thank you.

  23. Molly Lindenbach

    My mother-in-law is in the hospital waiting to be placed into a nursing home. Our concern is that our father-in-law goes to the hospital 3 times a day during meals to assist her. Do you have nurses/companions that can attend the hospital for a couple of hours each day? Just to really keep her company. Thank you.

    • Lesley Chang

      Hi Molly,

      Thanks your your comment! We’ve let our Care Services team know and they will be in touch with you shortly.

      Love is in the details,
      Nurse Next Door

    • Lesley Chang

      Hi Jennifer,

      We’ll have one of our Care Services Specialists reach out to you shortly to help answer your question. Thanks for reaching out!

      Nurse Next Door

  24. john

    How much is monthly to have home care for both my parents. My mom is 73 and has dementia but is mobile. My dad is 85 and is very weak. He uses a wheelchair and requires help to get in and out of bed.
    They are both in a care home together recently but are crying to me everytime I visit them to go home back to their house.

    • Lesley Chang

      Hi John,

      Thanks for reaching out! We’ll have one of our Care Services Specialists reach out to you to help answer your question.

      Nurse Next Door

  25. judy ciniello

    My 22 year old nephew will be released from the hospital in january 2015, he is being diagnosed with bdll, my sister will need assistance from 9p.m to midnight to make certain the he will go to sleep while she attends her other young children, he is not violent but he is reluctant to take medication or go to sleep earlier, a nurse with a background in mood disorders would be ideal, she will need her from 15 to 18 hrs a week to attend his personal needs ONLY, please forward information, thanks.

    • Lesley Chang

      Hi Judy,

      Thanks for reaching out! One of our Care Services Specialists will be in touch with you to help answer your questions. Happy holidays!

      Nurse Next Door

  26. Johana

    My fiancé is in the Navy and i work all day it is very hard for us to check in on my mother in law and father in law. We need someone who can come 2-3 times during the week. Your help with this would be very appreciated.

  27. Michelle

    I need to hire someone for 2 weeks while my brother who has MS (43 yrs old) visits. he can not bathe himself or go to the restroom.

    thanks for any information you can share

  28. Rob

    Looking to speak with someone about my parents need some help during the week so they can have a better quality of life

  29. Brezzy Mcclendon

    Hi there I pray your Company can help I have a mentally ill child who needs a caregiver in the afternoon to evenings times and on some Saturday’s please help

    • Lesley Chang

      Hi Brezzy,

      Thanks for reaching out! We’ll have one of our care services specialist reach out to you shortly.

      Nurse Next Door

  30. Linda

    My husband is 28yrs old and has epilepsy. I will be gone for 2 months. He really shouldn’t be alone while he sleeps. Can you tell me what we need for care? Ty

    • Lesley Chang

      Hi Linda,

      Thanks for your comment! We’ll have one of our care services specialists reach out to you as soon as possible to help discuss care options.

      Nurse Next Door

  31. Karnail Gyani

    My wife has constant pain in her legs.
    She needs to be admitted to a nursing home. She is 83 years. She only speaks HINDI ( INDIAN LANGUAGE)
    She cannot shower herself.
    How much will it cost her per month?

    • Phil Penneway

      Hello, Karnail

      Thank you for contacting us. We’ll have a Care Designer contact you to discuss the details.

  32. Misbah Ameen

    My father is paralized from right side .we need someone to change his dipper 2to 3 times a day , and shower him once a week.

    • Phil Penneway

      Hello Misbah,

      Thank you for contacting us. We’ll have a Care Designer contact you to discuss the details.

  33. sarah weighknecht

    My father is currently in a nursing he and has Parkinsons and Lewey Body Dementia. He is very unhappy where he is and my mother is having a very difficult time not being able to live with him. He is in need of transfers, help with bathroom, and he is at risk of falls overnight. We would like more than anything to have him home with my mother. Can you tell me what type of hours we would need and approximately how much this would cost us per month. There are many days that he is very well, I am afraid he feels abandoned and would like him to come home asap. As it is now most of the day he is alone unsupervised in his room and at night unsupervised. Thank you for any help you can offer.

    • Phil Penneway

      Hello Sarah,

      Thank you for contacting us. We’ll have a Care Designer contact you to discuss the details directly.

  34. Lucy Gonzalez

    live in nanny and how much it cost a month she is in good hand she does her own things sometime but cook no her medicine remind to take all the time then to give her a bath as well basically u look after her and what will be the cost a month she can ‘t be alone at night she get scared

    • Lauren Nipp

      Hi Lucy!
      Thanks for contacting us! We’ll have our Care Designer contact you shortly to discuss details.

  35. jessie robinson

    My mother is 85 years old and recently had a seziure. she is able to move about and do somethings for herself. she needs some one to cook, shop and light house clean and set up her meds and take her to church on sundays.

    • Lauren Nipp

      Hi Jessie!
      Thanks for contacting us! We’ll have a Care Designer contact you shortly to discuss details.

  36. Jim Flieler

    Need an in home care giver in Tweed, Ontario, approx 6 month term, Live in or daily care, errands, cooking, bathing, fairly mobile woman, mid 80’s

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Jim,
      Thanks for contacting us! One of our Care Designers will be in touch with you shortly with more information.

  37. Emily Tackitt

    My mom is recovering from a total pelvic exenteration. She has been in the hospital and rehab for three months dealing with complication after complication. She has an ostomy and a feeding tube and needs assistance with both of these and her medications. I am her primary caregiver but have been stretched thin between my family of two kids and pilot husband. She is ready to go home but I can’t continue to take care of her 24/7. We need 5 days a week at least for a few hours a day I think.

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Emily,
      Thanks for contacting us. We understand how tough this must be on you as her primary caregiver and definitely want to provide some support. One of our Care Designs will be in touch with your shortly.

  38. Ashley Devenney

    My grandparents live in Buckeye, AZ; my grandpa is retired Navy, and has dialysis 3 times a week- my grandma has stage 4 cancer, and has been in and out of the hospital the last month. Neither of them can drive. My uncle lives with them- but he can’t drive at the moment either. Is there means of taking them to appointments? I am active duty Army stationed at Ft. Bragg, and I’m here in town for 5 days but that doesn’t help the rest of the 360. please any information would be wonderful.

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Ashley,
      Thank you for reaching out to us. We understand how tough your situation must be and wish we could help. Unfortunately, we don’t have a location in Buckeye, AZ at this time. However, if you need assistance in looking for alternative home care companies in your area please let us know as we’d be happy to help.

  39. Sandi

    I would like to have someone to come for about one week so my husband and I can take a much needed vacation. We have been my mother’s 94+ caregivers in our home now for about 5 years now. What we would need is someone to come for dinner each night to give her dinner and pills, her insulin shot after and spend the night. They will need to give her breakfast before leaving for the day and make sure she takes her pills, leave a sandwich for her lunch and repeat this routine each evening again. Other than this she can be left in the daytime. She really prefers to be left alone to watch tv during the day and night. Do you have this service available and what would be the cost for the week?
    Thank you, Sandi

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Sandi,
      Thanks for contacting us! We’d love to help out so you and your husband can take your much needed vacation. We’ll have one of our Care Designers get in touch with you shortly with more information.

  40. Ann Schurhammer

    My Dad is 90, my Mom is 82 and does not drive . We, his three children, live the closest, 2 1/2 from their house. At various times he needs help getting to Dr appointments, and even though family lives close by, we, his children, do not want to keep inconveniencing them.
    They would need help getting to Dr appointments, helping my Mom and Dad take short walks outside, and any other Dr appointments my Mom might have .
    My Dad is still driving, but won’t be long before he is no longer able to.
    Thank you
    Ann M Schurhammer

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Ann,
      Thank you for reaching out to us. We can definitely assist with the things you mentioned. We’ll have someone contact you shortly with details.

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Kelley,
      Thanks for contacting us! One of our Care Designers will contact you shortly with details. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to call 1-888-988-5880.

  41. Linda

    My husband has been in a wheelchair for 3 months as a result of slowly progressive weakness from nerve damage due to spinal cord stenosis that required surgery in October of 2014. I would love to keep him at home forever. Until now I have handled things by myself, but it is becoming increasingly difficult. I currently need help with transfers from bed to chair in am, chair to toilet, chair to bed in pm, and showers. Do you have anyone in our area that could help us?

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Linda,
      Thanks for contacting us! We can definitely assist with what you were looking for. One of our Care Designers will contact you shortly with more details. Have a great day!

  42. Anna Amendola

    I would like a consultation for my mother. My phone number is 905 – 767-7973.
    Thank you,
    Anna Amendola

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Maya,
      Thanks for contacting us! We’ll have someone contact you shortly to discuss details.

  43. Grace

    I would like a quote for my elderly dad, currently my mom is taking care of him but its getting harder for him to walk and get around. my dad is 88 and my mom is 82. I live there too but I also have a full time job and family.

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Grace,
      Thanks for reaching out to us. We’ll have someone get in touch with you shortly with details. Have a great day!

  44. Cristine West

    My father has been in skilled nursing home for 6 months now. He still would rather be in his small 2 bedroom apartment. He needs a daily wound care treatment and someone to attend to all his personal needs. During the day he mostly sits and watches TV…but I’m afraid he’ll fall if left alone. Not sure if 24 hours care is essential, but certainly during his waking hours.

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Cristine,
      Thanks for contacting us! We’ll have someone contact you shortly with more details.

  45. Emily Shaw

    Hello, my family takes care of my fathers daily needs like feeding and bathing. I wanted to inquire about some pricing an the care for possibly 2 days a week or every other. Starting to wear us out and interested in exploring some other options.

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Emily,
      Thanks for contacting us. We’ll have someone contact you shortly with more information. Have a great day!

  46. Aaron Stephens

    Thanks for providing a list of different services and prices. My wife and I are trying to figure out what would be best for my mom. It seems like she would just need a few visits a week to help with chores. I’m glad there are a lot of options f or supportive in home care.

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Aaron,
      Thanks for contacting us! We’ll have someone contact you shortly to discuss more details. Have a great day!

  47. katie

    Hello, my boyfriend, and his mother are currently overwhelmed, helping take care of someone with dimencia, He has been kicked out of adult day health care services, we prolly need someone to watch him for at least 6 hours for 5 days mon- Friday,

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Katie,
      Thanks for contacting us. We can definitely help you out. We’ll have someone contact you shortly with more details. Have a great day!

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi John,
      Thanks for contacting us! We’ll have someone follow-up with you shortly with more details. Have a great day!

  48. CAROLE


    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Carole,
      Thanks for contacting us! We’ll have someone contact you shortly with more details. Have a great day!

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Debbie,
      Thanks for contacting us! We’ll have someone contact you shortly with more information. Have a great day!

  49. Brett

    We only need the RN visits 2 hrs/ day about 3 visits/ week. How much would hat cost?
    :) Brett

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Brett,
      Thanks for contacting us. We’ll have someone contact you shortly with more details. Have a great day!

  50. Mary Plastina

    my mom has demantia, she is 83 years old, she lives by herself. My mom has always been an independent person, but now she walks with a cane due to a broken femar operation and at times she also gets dizzy. We wanted to know if you provide nightly shifts and what the cost would be.

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Mary,
      Thanks for contacting us. We’ll have someone get in touch with you shortly with more details. Thank you!

  51. Mike Skawin

    My wife has congestive heart failure and just had an LVAD surgery. She may need daily care. I was thinking of assisted living arrangement but was wondering what home care would cost and what it can cover.

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Mike,
      Thanks for contacting us. We’ll have someone contact you shortly with more details. Have a great day!

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Shah,
      Thanks for contacting us. We’ll have someone contact you shortly with more details. Have a great day!

  52. geraldin

    looking for partime/ fulltime job as a private home nurse. Resource to provide high quality of life and care, spcialize for elderly.

  53. Adoxa

    It is very diffiult to get any answers from Nurse Next Door. All I got was an email answer and when I reply to that it is an auto reply that the person is away, then I got a follow up that they would phone me at 2200 hours, are they located in Australia (where it is morning at that time at the W#est Coast. I gave up and look elsewhere. Why not have some answers readily available.

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Adoxa,
      We’re sorry that you had this experience with us. We’re a 24/7 service and are dedicated to helping clients at all times of the day. We have someone from our team looking into this now and will reach out to you.

  54. Mariola

    How much would you charge for one or two nights spent with my my Mom after she comes back from hospital.

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Mariola,
      Thanks for contacting us. We’ll have someone contact you shortly with more details. Have a great day!

  55. John Doe

    New to this. Don’t know where to look or even begin.

    My mother had brain surgery and is now at home. She is on heavy antibiotics for 5 weeks. Need in home care for twice a day for 5 weeks. Not sure what the price would be or how to even find out.

    Any kind of information would be great.

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi John,
      No problem at all, we’re happy to give you more information. We’ll have someone reach out to you shortly with more details. Have a great day!

  56. Shiela Stewart

    My mother is 83 and lives on her own. She is suffering from Dementia and is being tested for Alzheimer. She is very capable of taking care of herself which includes getting her own groceries, shopping and does like to take walks. She has a routine or walking to the mall each day and back. She is however, forgetting to take her medication. What would it cost to have someone come in once daily to giver her the medication?

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Shiela,
      Thank you for contacting us! We’ll have someone contact you shortly with more information. Have a great day!

  57. milena


    My mom is 75 years old with dementia. She broke her right hip last October and just recently had another fall and sustained a pelvis fracture. She is currently in hospital awaiting a bed in Rehab.

    I don’t want to put her in a nursing home and prefer that she stay with my dad, as they are currently living together.

    Are there any other options for my mom’s care to be handled in house and how much would this cost? Could this be covered by OHIP as my mom is disabled and my dad cannot afford it as he is retired on a very fixed income but they don’t want to be apart?

    Thank you for your time.

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Milena,

      Thanks for contacting us. We can definitely have someone provide care in the comfort of your mother’s home so she can stay with your father. We’ll have someone contact you shortly with more details. Have a great day!

  58. Katie


    My mother is 72, and was just released from the hospital to rehab. She wants to be at home. Right now she can’t stand on her own or get into and out of a chair or bed without the assistance of two people. She also is on dialysis. We are hoping she will be more mobile after rehab, but want to know what the options and cost are for a home nurse.
    Thank you!

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Katie,
      Thank you for contacting us. We are happy to discuss options and costs with you. We’ll have someone contact you shortly with more details. Have a great day!

  59. Tiffany

    I need help for my mother very quickly. I honestly don’t think she will last very much longer and I desperately need her to come home because that is what she wants. She honestly won’t need that much care. I will be here 24/7 to feed her and everything. I can’t change her diaper though or do anything with medicine.

  60. Brian

    We require a nurse to be there through the night. My Dad is in palative care at home and requires assistance through the night. Administer meds, keep an eye on him and be able to help him to his feet to go to the bathroom. 11pm to 5 or 6 am.mon to friday

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Brian,
      Thanks for contacting us! We’ll have someone contact you shortly with more details. Have a great day!

  61. shelley wilson

    My mother is 89 but fully cognitive. Unfortunately she suffered a stroke which effected her occipital lobe and therefore her vision. She was unable to go home. Currently she is in a nursing home and it is fine as far as care but she is not getting any mental stimulation for people she can carry on a conversation with as, most of the residents in the nursing home have dementia/alzheimers. I feel horrible that she is in a place where her needs are met physically but not mentally. I would like to bring her home, but I do have to work full time. What would be the best solution in terms of care. She can still dress herself but she needs meals, someone to give her meds and companionship. She needs assistance for bathing and person care.

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Shelley,
      Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your mother’s story. Cognitive stimulation is important and our caregivers come to clients’ homes to ensure all tasks are being done but also to build relationships and carry out conversations. We’ll have someone contact you shortly as you definitely contacted the right place!

  62. For Leslie Erikssen (My Mother)

    Hi, My mom is 73 and lives in her own suite downstairs. She may need a few hours a week to help her, with some cleaning, laundry and groceries. Does a seniors benefit help to pay for that of homecare with the financial part. She pays rent here, and doesn’t leave her much left over. Thank you Lorrie Baer

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Lorrie,
      Thank you for contacting us! We’ll have someone contact you shortly with more information. Have a great day!

  63. Mandy Wiles

    Do you have full time live in carers. My mum is in rehab but being released in 6 weeks or so. She does not want to go to a nursing home. She is paralysed down right side so needs alot of help. Please let me know if you have live in carers available.

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Mandy,
      Yes, we have full-time live-in caregivers. We’ll have someone contact you shortly with more information. Have a great day!

  64. Angi

    Trying to find an alternative for my 90 year old Grandpa. He needs a lot of care, but prefers to stay at ‘his’ house. Need pricing, please?

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Angi,
      Our focus is to provide the care that seniors need while allowing them to stay in the comfort of their own home. We’ll have someone contact you shortly with more information!

  65. Shelley

    My mother is 73 and has dimentia. It is progressing quickly. She can no longer go to the bathroom on her own, she does not remember how to cut her food. Sometimes i can see that she is struggling to remember how to eat. I was the only caregiver until i was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. My sister in law movec in to help us out. But it seems like i am still doing all the work. I work full time and have gone threw chemo and radiation, surgery and i start another 4 months of chemo. Im exhausted. I love my mom and would love for her to stay with us. I dont know what to do. People tell me its time for her to go into a home that can provide for her better and also so i can concentrate on beating my own battle. I dont know which direction to go.

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Shelley,
      Thank you for sharing your story with us and please know that you’re not in this alone. You’re in a tough situation and we want to do whatever we can to help. We’ll have someone contact you shortly with more information.

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Jessica,
      We’re a private duty service and some insurances may cover the cost. We’ll have someone contact you shortly with more information.

  66. Patricia Achen

    I have to have a walker. What I need is someone to go with me for a bit of support for different appointments or go with me to shop for clothes.. Can you just ask for help here and there and perhaps more than 2 hours sometimes. Will be pleased to hear from you. Just want to take a load off my daughter some times.
    Thank you. Patricia Achen

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Patricia,
      Thanks for contacting us! Yes, we definitely provide services whenever needed. We’ll have someone contact you shortly with more details. Have a great day!

  67. Nick

    I been asked to drive a dialysis patient to and from treatment 3 times a week 20 miles each day 11 to 3 plus a one hour travel allowance. What would the appropriate cost be for this service?
    This is in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Nick,
      The best thing would be to check with your employment standards within the State of Illinois.

  68. Jonie Johnston

    My Dad is suffering from Alzheimer/Dimensia for sometime now.
    My parents are moving from AZ to HI this month. My brother will be their care-giver for the time being until he finds a job. I think we are looking for help for three days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) from either 8 – 10 hrs @ day.
    My Dad needs help mainly with his incontinence and keeping him mentally as well as physically active during that time. Since both of my parents are retired with a fixed income; we are looking for part time help as I mentioned.
    Can you give me some type of feedback or estimate on your services?
    Appreciate your time.
    Jonie P. Johnston

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Jonie,
      Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, we don’t have a location in Hawaii at this time. However, if we can help with anything else, please let us know. Have a great day!

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Tania,
      If you want to work in home care, you will need a Registered Care Aide certification.

  69. Manuela Battello

    My father has dementia and is unable to communicate. He speaks but mostly doesn’t make sense nor does he recognize people. He is in a residence, though he can walk with a walker and a guide, and can mostly feed himself. The staff at the residence is overwhelmed and don’t have much time to do more than basic feeding, washing… It would be great if he could be at home and someone could assist with these basics as my 80 year mother cannot. I live in Toronto but my parents live in Laval, Quebec. I have no idea if there is an affordable solution. Grateful for some info
    Thank you

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Manuela,
      Thanks for reaching out to us! We’ll have someone contact you shortly with more information so your father can stay at home. Have a great day!

  70. Darlecia Howard

    Looking for someone to help with my mom. She has a major bladder control leakage issue. Someone to come in i. The morning makes sure she is bathed dry get her meds and breakfast and light walking.

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Darlecia,

      Thanks for contacting us as we’d be happy to help! We’ll have someone contact your shortly with more information. Have a great day!

  71. Salvatore veltre

    I would like to know if n how much it costs for my mom to have a nurses aid for like 5 to 8 hours a day I’m trying to work but problem is putting her in a facility is like 33000 a month but keeping her home I would like to know what the price is like per day per week. My mom has dementia but is not like real bad yet I just need her to be watched the biggest problem I have is she likes to walk away but she is capable of bathing n dressing I just need a watcher to feed her n make sure she dosent walk out please call me 702-349-8507

    • Nurse Next Door

      Hi Salvatore,
      Thank you for contacting us! We’ll have someone contact you shortly with more details. Have a great day!

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