Home Care in Edmonton, AB

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Scott and Kelly Voisey

Armed with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and nearly a decade of experience as a registered nurse, Kelly Voisey has brought her knowledge, skills and passion to both the Edmonton and St. Albert regions. Recognizing the need for a home care company that can provide both compassionate and supportive care for the elderly, Kelly is using her knowledge of the health care industry to truly make lives better.

Kelly’s mission in Edmonton/St. Albert is one that remains simple: build upon one of the premier home care brands in Canada. Her community driven personality and admiration for people are the perfect ingredients for a successful home health care service. She plans on being a leader that is both caring and helpful offering her time, energy, and self to all individuals who need it.

Nurse Next Door now offers a wide range of one-on-one Home Care Services in Edmonton.

Please see our Edmonton Home Care Careers page for information on current positions.