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Nurse Next Door proudly serves the areas of Ainslie Wood, Beasley, Dundas, Red Hill, Rockton, Stoney Creek, Strathcona, Westdale, Albion Falls, Ancaster, Binbrook, Flabrough, Mount Hope, Meadowlands, Mountview, Millgrove, Mohawk, Oakhill, Waterdown, West Flamborough and Westcliffe.

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Why you'll love Nurse Next Door

Happier Aging

Happier Aging

We'll get you back to doing the things you love, improve your health and independence with our Happier Aging™ approach.

The Perfect Match

The Perfect Match

We go to great lengths to make sure your caregiver is the one for you. Our compassionate staff are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Open 24/7

Open 24/7

Whether it's 3PM on Tuesday or 3AM of Saturday, call us any time to speak to a live specialist.

Our Pricing

Basic Care

Basic Care

minimum 3 hours per visit

min. 3 hours per visit

from $38/hour per hour

(minimum $114/week)

(min. $114/wk)

Happier Aging

Happier Aging

at least

3 Visits Per Week

minimum 3 hours per visit

min. 3 hours per visit

from $33/hour per hour

(minimum $297/week)

(min. $297/wk)

Urgent Care

Urgent Care

care required within 8 hours

required within 8 hours

from $45/hour per hour

(minimum $135; first visit only)

(min. $135;
first visit only)

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Our Care Manager comes to you. We assess your needs and answer any questions you have.

Learning about you allows us to send a perfect match caregiver.


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Meet your perfect caregiver!

Your Care Manager will oversee your care, and we're ready to support you whenever you need.

  • Making Lives Better
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  • Behind the Heart

Making Lives Better

Tamara spent more than 5 years as a Nurse working in the home care sector prior to joining Nurse Next Door.  Being a Nurse in the community the priorities were focused on tasks completion and moving quickly to the next client. As a result of this, she is driven to make the caregiving journey easier for families, and better for elders. Nurse Next Door’s Happier Aging™ promise – a truly unique experience dedicated to getting clients back to doing what they love – allows care to go beyond tasks.

Hamilton is home to many seniors who have raised families and lived in the community their entire lives. As the population continues to age, they now wish to stay in their homes, but need the support to do so. Tamara is looking forward to supplying this care and bringing awareness to the option of staying at home.


Owners: Tamara Jones

Offering qualified elder home health care services to your loved ones in Hamilton. Call for information on our senior health care services today.
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Behind the Heart

Our Talent is Caring

Nurse Next Door sets itself apart from other senior home care companies by living the core values of “WOW Customer Service, Admire People, Find a Better Way and Passionate About Making a Difference” in everything we do. From a first meeting consultation to greeting clients hello or goodbye, we pride ourselves on providing superior senior assistance.

Families can expect that staff at Nurse Next Door will do everything they can to make a connection and find that something special and unique that will make receiving care a truly happy experience. Depression rates among seniors are a serious problem. Nurse Next Door has invested heavily in understanding what causes depression and more importantly, what can be done to reduce it. Our Happier Aging® program enables our staff to find the one or two things that can influence the happiness in a senior’s life and get them back to doing what they love.

Are you compassionate and do you love making lives better? Please see our Hamilton, ON senior Home Care Careers page for information about employment opportunities.