Home Care in Vancouver, BC

Nurse Next Door proudly serves the areas of Vancouver, Surrey and Langley.

Nurse Next Door has been proudly serving quality home care for families in Metro Vancouver since 2001. Over the last decade, Nurse Next Door has gone from an idea at a coffee shop to one of the city’s most trusted home care providers. Taking the burden off of families, Nurse Next Door allows seniors to maintain their dignity and independence while still receiving the care and attention they need. Nurse Next Door provides a full spectrum of compassionate and flexible home care services, ranging from three hours-per-week of friendly companionship right through to around-the-clock care from a registered nurse. Nurse Next Door strives to ensure that services help individuals with a variety of professional care needs so that clients can remain happy, healthy and at home.

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Senior Care Vancouver

General Manager
Christine Lavalle-Martin

Behind the Heart

Christine has always had a strong desire to make a difference, spending the majority of her life pursuing volunteer and career opportunities that aligned with her values. Supported by her university degree and numerous professional development programs and certificates, Christine has over 20 years of business and healthcare industry experience in a variety of roles. Christine has a solid understanding of the healthcare system and she is well rehearsed in partnering with the many layers and segments of healthcare, helping clients get the best care available.

Numerous personal experiences prepared Christine for her role as General Manager for Nurse Next Door Vancouver, the most significant being the loss of her Mother, who was 64 at the time, in a car accident. The experience of losing someone so close quickly changed how Christine viewed life and it made her more aware to what she was most passionate about.  Christine didn’t have the chance to care for her own mother as she aged and she feels that Nurse Next Door is giving her the wonderful honor of being part of caring for so many other families in her community.

Making Lives Better

With the growing senior population and changing family dynamics, Christine sees a tremendous need for home support. From parents of a newborn infant to a 90-year-old living independently, or an ALS patient wishing to stay at home with family, Nurse Next Door delivers more than just home care, they deliver peace of mind.

There are many things that distinguish the Nurse Next Door Vancouver team, one of them being their commitment to providing WOW customer experiences. They make lives better everyday by helping with both the big and small things that make a difference. One of Christine’s favorite expressions is “small hinges swing big doors” because sometimes, the simplest things make the biggest difference. Nurse Next Door provides 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week support from the Vancouver based care services center.  Nurse Next Door knows that emergencies can happen at any hour and having a live person to speak with can make a world of difference.

Our Talent Is Caring

Nurse Next Door’s mission is to make lives better everyday which starts with a team of compassionate, dedicated and naturally caring staff who are passionate about making a difference.  Every day Christine hears amazing stories from clients about her team of devoted caregivers and the love they bring to their work.  These stories motivate Christine to work hard every day to ensure Nurse Next Door stays a renowned BC Business top employer, a title they have earned five of the past six years.

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Wiring the Wellderly

Nurse Next Door’s Wiring the Wellderly program is about technology training around what matters – staying connected with loved ones. Our patient, senior experts will help you, or your loved one, learn and enjoy today’s best technologies.