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Tiffany Rubin

Chief of Happiness

Nurse Next Door Delaware

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” Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody.” – Kid President

I keep this framed title and quote on my desk. It’s the first thing I see when I start to work (besides my Anne of Green Gables mouse pad). It’s integral to my personal values, and it’s integral to Nurse Next Door. When you care about people, you care about all people. At Nurse Next Door, the care we deliver to our clients begins and ends every day with how we care for our own. Internally, we make it a priority to create and maintain a supportive culture in which our Caregivers can thrive. When they’re at their best, our service to our clients is at its best.

You have a lot of options. Why work at Nurse Next Door Delaware? I’ll give you 5 reasons. 

Little Things Make a Big Difference

You CAN do the little things that make a big difference because we give you the resources to make it happen. Sometimes we team up with the seniors’ Dream On Foundation to grant dreams for our senior clients. It could a grand gesture(see video below), but usually it’s the little things that matter on a day to day basis. For example, we give stipends so you can pick up a cupcake for your favorite client (who is not diabetic, of course). We exist to make lives better. This is what our Happier Aging philosophy is all about. 

Take a look at what our clients and team members have got to say about Nurse Next Door Home Care Services in Delaware!


1 on 1 Care

It’s 1 on 1 care. Not 10 on 1. Not 5 on 1. 1 on 1. A couple might make it 2 to 1. Our Caregivers can focus on their clients and provide highly customized care for them to meet their personal preferences. 

When we pair our Caregivers with clients, we strive for a Perfect Match. We try to match both parties’ needs, interests and personality.  Having compatibility as a foundation allows our clients and Caregivers to build rapport and form stronger bonds! 

Caregiver consistency is also a top priority for us so that our senior clients always have a friendly and familiar face every single visit.


It’s not for everyone. In fact, if you require complete structure, this may not be the best environment for you. If you always find ways to improve your work environment, enjoy the ability to affect change, and are proactive, this is a place where you will thrive. Take a look at the 10 Things that require zero talent (a list we talk about and hold our team accountable to). We set our people up for success and also encourage a culture of self-leadership. We believe in Caregiving as a Career and so there are opportunities for growth with the company too!


License Oversight

In order to renew a CNA license, your ‘worked’ hours must be supervised by an RN. As a skilled home health agency, we have the certification to supervise, so the hours you work support your license renewal. This isn’t the case if you work at a Program Approved Service Agency (PASA), because you are not overseen by an RN. With a career at Nurse Next Door Delaware, you only need one job to support your professional CNA license.



We focus on ways you can make a career with us, so we offer a benefits package to help you create one.

  • Pay based on experience
  • IRA Matching
  • Full-time and Part-time roles
  • Travel Stipends
  • Paid Time Off
  • Sick Time
  • 2 Holiday per year Commitment (not every other holiday, but a total of 2 holidays per year)
  • Paid Parental Leave (maternity, paternity or primary and secondary, depending on how you structure your life)
  • 6 Opportunities for Performance-based bonuses throughout the year
  • Retention Bonuses
  • Uniform Provision
  • Regular Employee Surveys

Rosalie, one of our Caregivers shares why she loves working for Nurse Next Door Delaware.

Join Our Delaware Team

The care we give to our team ultimately touches the clients for whom we care, that’s why we’re passionate about supporting and nurturing our family of Caregivers. Are you or someone you know a kind, caring individual who wants to make a difference in the life of a senior? We can’t wait to connect with you! Give us a call at (302) 359-5661 to learn more or complete an online application:

Apply for Delaware Jobs HERE

Apply for Other Locations HERE



  • Nurse Next Door Delaware opened in 2013 in Kent, later expanding into New Castle and Sussex counties in 2015
  • Nominated for Delaware Corporation of the Year in 2015
  • Awarded Top Employer in Delaware in 2018 and 2019

Be sure to check out Nurse Next Door’s Caring Blog for more articles! 

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