What is the Difference Between Private and Public Home Care?

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We often get asked, “What is the difference between private and public home care?” Numerous articles feature different perspectives of why private and public healthcare differ, but rarely do you hear about the impact that the differences make to a patient or a patient’s families.

Perfect Match Guarantee

At Nurse Next Door, one of the things the company prides itself on, is it’s dedication to find a perfect match between caregiver and client. In privatized home care, clients have the ability to be a bit particular. They can share their likes, dislikes, their interests and hobbies and their favorite meals and it is the job of our care services specialists to find a caregiver in their area that fit the qualities the client requires.

Nurse Next Door has been able to match caregivers who speak the native language of a client, to allow them to feel more comfortable. They have even found a client and caregiver who enjoy a good musical jam session when they are together. This is just one way that private home care gives freedom and happiness to clients that public home care does not have the ability to do.

Difference between private and public home care

Flexibility of Care

Typically in public home care, the flexibility of scheduling is limited. Clients and families are left to take what they can get, or risk not receiving service that day. General freedoms that most people are used to become lessened in order to ensure they receive service.

With Nurse Next Door, and many private home care companies alike, the freedom to reschedule, rearrange your dates and times for service, and what type of service you want. The job of the private home care service is to focus on each individual client’s needs.

It’s About Caring, Not Just Health Care

In the public home care industry, although the caregivers may be compassionate, and amazing, they are required to tend to as many clients as possible and therefore their time is restricted, their ability to build relationships with each client is hindered and therefore the impact that they may have on a client’s life is minimal.

In the private home care sector, caregivers are encouraged to get to know the client, find out what they love to do, and help them to do those things again. Nurse Next Door is proud of the caregivers that take the time to make a client’s favorite meal, or take notice of all the little things that make a large difference. Nurse Next Door’s clients do appreciate the caring aspect of Nurse Next Door’s health care and senior care services.

Are you looking for care for a loved one? Visit our home care services page to see what we offer, or find the Nurse Next Door location nearest you and call us to book a FREE Caring Consult to explore your home care options.

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