Detox Denver Co

Detox Denver Co

Valiant Living Detox and Assessment has been a trusted source for addiction detox Denver CO for many years, and can provide the services you need to recover from alcohol or drug addiction. We offer 24/7 monitoring of withdrawal symptoms, emphasis on physical and mental wellness, tailored treatment plans, support groups and much more.

Our staff of experienced healthcare professionals creates a comforting and confidential environment where patients can focus on healing. Our team is highly knowledgeable in their field, compassionate and committed to helping our clients gain sobriety and find long-term recovery. We believe that through understanding, encouragement and collaboration, true success can be achieved.

Drinking Habits

Alcohol can be an integral part of celebrating with friends and family. For some, it's the primary way to mark occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and all kinds of other special occasions. It can also become a regular occurrence for socializing on the weekends or after work. But it's essential to moderate alcohol intake and be mindful that it is a strong psychoactive substance with risks if taken too far. Regularly drinking while socializing is a fun activity if kept in balance, but should not be allowed to become an unhealthy habit.

Know when to Stop Drinking

The importance of monitoring your drinking habits cannot be overstated. If you do not know when to stop, or even worse, if you drink too often, you are putting yourself in immense risk for both physical and mental harm.

The negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption range from short-term fatigue, strained relationships, and legal troubles all the way up to permanent brain damage and death. It is important to recognize what your own limitations are when it comes to drinking and respect them – for your own safety and health.

Excessive drinking can be a dangerous activity for many reasons. It has the ability to reduce your judgment skills, leading to bad decisions that can carry long-term repercussions. In addition, it can lessen your inhibitions and cause you to take risks you normally wouldn't take in an impaired state of mind. These risks could include drunk driving, unprotected sex with multiple partners, or engaging in physical fights while under the influence. Engaging in these potentially damaging activities while intoxicated could lead to serious health problems, legal issues, and even death in extreme cases. To ensure you stay safe and make responsible decisions when drinking, limit yourself to moderation and abstain if you feel like you’ve had too much. Dangerous things can happen such as:

  • Car crashes and unintentional drownings are but two examples of potentially devastating accidental injury.
  • Affect relationships
  • Negative affects in work or school
  • Heightened risk of perpetrating or falling victim to violent offenses
  • Can have legal problems
  • Can lead to drug abuse
  • Participating in dangerous sexual activities with no protection, or sexual abuse or date rape
  • Heightened vulnerability to suicidal ideation and behavior

Valiant Living Detox & Assessment Understands

Alcohol addiction can be both mentally and physically devastating, making it hard for those suffering to break away from it. Thankfully, our detox Denver CO facility understands the gravity of this issue and is here to make a significant difference in your life or that of a loved one you think is struggling. From support systems to specialized clinical care, Valiant Living dives deep into the underlying causes providing tailored outcomes specifically geared towards recovery. Don’t let alcohol addiction stand in the way of leading a healthy and prosperous life as our team can help you rebuild and start anew.

We Care About Your Mental Health

At Valiant Living we understand that taking care of mental health is just as important as treating any addiction. Our holistic approach focuses not only on the addiction itself, but also on the person behind it and their current wellbeing. We provide access to a professional team of psychiatrists, counselors, and other mental health providers where you will receive a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

Together with our highly-trained clinicians, you’ll be on your way to learning healthier strategies for managing stress and positive lifestyle habits in order to better cope with any additional mental health issues you may have. With our help, you’ll be better equipped to face any obstacles life throws your way – because at Valiant Living we treat so much more than just your addiction.

Mental Health & Substance Abuse

At Valiant Living, we understand the impact of mental health and substance use disorders. Our specialized clinical team utilizes an integrative approach to detox that concentrates on handling and managing the psychiatric symptoms of dual diagnosis sufferers while also dealing with their addiction issues.

We utilize several psychotherapies, holistic modalities, medication management, as well as additional measures in order to guarantee a more positive treatment result before patients continue on their recovery path after completing detoxification.

Don't hesitate and reach out to our detox Denver CO today at 720-796-6885 or visit our website.

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