Sexual Sobriety Chicago

Sexual Sobriety Chicago

There are not a lot of subjects that arouse so much controversy and passion than sex. Sexuality is a subjective issue with a heavy focus on societal programming, so we cannot know right or wrong. The time has come for society to accept the definition of healthy sexuality from all kinds of doctrines, so we can give people the grace and freedom they need to experience divine alignment and happiness.

We will define this by first stating that sexual abstinence after addiction is not a sign that you are not holy or more acceptable than before. We do not hold any religious or spiritual beliefs about sexual addiction and look at things from a progressive and medical view. Off The Crooked Path is a certified rehab service provider that uses professional treatment programs to teach abstinence and ways that support a healthy mind. 

Everything about sexual sobriety

What is sexual sobriety?

Sobriety is difficult to define, but it is easy when we look at it like all other kinds of addiction sobrieties. Sexual abstinence is the same as drug and alcohol abstinence, which means taking a break from the substance of abuse upon treatment. The only difference with sexual abstinence is that you can reintroduce the substance back into your life after your mind captures the essence of healthy sexual habits.

Some people define sobriety as refraining from sexual activities until marriage. Still, we define it as the ability to stay away from excessive and unhealthy engagements until you get back to healthier ways. The bottom line is that sobriety is a personal contract you make to stay away from activities that deplete your health, make you feel shameful, take away your happiness and jeopardize other parts of your life.

The goal of sexual sobriety is to offer you a more straightforward path to rebuild your beliefs, take control of your impulses and build trust that will restructure your sex life. The stage of staying abstinent has been when people make significant decisions about their short and long-term goals because their mind is so clear, and they can look at themselves from the inside out.

Benefits of sexual sobriety during recovery

Create boundaries

Sexual abstinence is effective when it lasts at least three months, so your mind can help identify healthy boundaries. You will learn that the moment of somberness nurtures deep inner boundaries, where you get to learn what does or does not feel good and how you should follow your emotions to ensure long-term recovery.

Prevent disease

Sexual promiscuity or compulsive sexual behavior comes along with many different mental and emotional complications and possible infections. Unfortunately, people who engage in deviant sexual habits have the highest risk of STDs. Choosing sex addiction treatment will open your eyes to the amount of risk you face and help prevent contract of diseases such as:

  • Bacterial infections 
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Warts
  • Scabs
  • Lice
  • PID
  • Herpes

Our facility knows the struggle facing today’s young people when there are so many blurred lines surrounding sexuality and a sexual ad or product on every digital platform. Book a confidential consultation today or call 312-593-1711 so we can help you navigate life with healthy sex addiction treatment programs.

Sexual Sobriety Chicago

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