3 Eye Care Tips to Keep Senior Eyes Healthy

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Our bodies experience a variety of changes as we age. One of the most common symptoms that senior adults report is vision changes. This includes losing the ability to distinguish colors, needing more time to adjust to changing levels of light, as well as trouble seeing or reading things that are too far or too close.

While change is something that we can’t effectively stop, there are several healthy practices that a senior can do to help improve and preserve eye health.

As a provider of professional home care services in Las Vegas, Nevada, we have taken care of patients with varying levels of vision loss and abilities. With the help of our many years of experience, we have made a list of three eye care tips to keep senior eyes healthy.

This is to assist you and your loved ones find the best solution to maintain optimum vision functions and wellness.

Here’s how to get started:

Have Your Eyes Checked Regularly

Regular eye checkups from a licensed ophthalmologist or optometrist can help you identify possible risks and issues before they become more complicated. Early detection and treatment are important to protect your vision and prevent vision loss from occurring.

If you have questions, list all of them down on a notepad to discuss with your doctor during your appointment. Furthermore, if you’re taking any prescription medication, make sure to inform your doctor about it. Some of these medications can affect vision and eyesight.

Senior after getting eyes checked

Get Enough Restorative Sleep

When you sleep, your eyes enjoy continuous lubrication. This clears out any irritants, such as dust, allergens, and smoke, that may have accumulated in your eyes during the day.

Sleeping late and not getting enough rest are two factors that can negatively affect your eye health. Getting enough restorative sleep at night can help preserve and improve visions. It can also boost overall cognitive and physical functions.

Protect Your Eyes

There is a variety of protective eyewear available in the market that can help prevent eye injuries inside and outside the home. Make sure to have a pair of sunglasses handy whenever you plan to take a trip outside on a sunny day. Furthermore, if you’re someone who likes to perform DIY home improvements projects, always have a pair of certified safety glasses available to protect your eyes from harmful objects.

At Nurse Next Door Home Care Services, your safety and happiness are our top priority. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that our senior home care services fit the standards and expectations that you set for our care providers.

We offer a wide variety of in home care in Las Vegas, including dementia care, to cater to the varying needs of our clientele.
To learn more about our offers, contact us today!

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