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As a job seeker, you always want to make sure a new role aligns with your values and priorities. 

It can be scary to leave the familiarity of an old workplace and you may have a lot of questions for your potential new employer. Will I be treated better than my last role? Is there room for growth in my position? What will my day-to-day look like? 

With 20 years in the senior care space, we have some answers for you. Here are five reasons to work in a home care company like Nurse Next Door.

1. Avoid workplace burnout

In the last few years, it’s become extremely clear that nurses and caregivers are not getting the support they need—and deserve. Since COVID-19 ripped through hospitals and care homes, nurses have been under intense pressure. They’re working longer hours, taking on more responsibility (without more compensation), and are generally feeling overwhelmed and burnt out in hospitals all across North America. 

In fact a recent survey revealed that in general, nurses are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and irritable.

This lack of support is affecting their roles as caregivers, and while working on new routines of ‘self-care and resilience’ can be a helpful band-aid, many nurses are coming to the realization that they could be happier and healthier in a different job. Working for a home care franchise gives nurses and caregivers a better work–life balance while letting them stay in a caring role and continue using their hard-earned skills.

Working in a home care company like Nurse Next Door is a completely different experience to working in a resource-light hospital or an overcrowded senior living facility. For one thing, we’re fully committed to the employee experience. Building a culture of empowered and inspired team members starts with our People Promise:

You are appreciated for the work you put in and given the freedom to care for your clients the way you would care for your mom or dad. You feel engaged and want to make lives better—and most importantly, you’re having fun along the way.

Nurses and caregivers who switch to working for Nurse Next Door discover better working conditions, a higher salary, and more flexibility in their day.


2. Higher-quality working conditions

In our humble opinion, caregiving is one of the most important jobs in the world. We promise to offer working conditions that set you up for success from day one. These small benefits have made our staff happier, healthier, and ultimately, better at their jobs.

A few examples of what Nurse Next Door can offer you are:

Better compensation for nurses and caregivers

As a nurse or caregiver working for Nurse Next Door, you can expect to receive a matching or higher starting wage to your previous caring role. We know how valuable our caregivers are and we’re proud to show our appreciation for all the hard work they do by offering them competitive pay rates that match or surpass rates offered by other health authorities or home care services.

Flexible schedules

Finding balance in work and life isn’t easy. At Nurse Next Door we pride ourselves on being a people-first business. This ethos trickles down into the way we operate and hire. As a caregiver or nurse, you work on your own schedule. You have the freedom to provide your own availability so we can match you with a client that requires care in similar time periods. 

Shifts are available on mornings, evenings, overnight, weekends, and weekdays. Whether you’re looking for a casual part-time arrangement, or a 40-hour full time position, we aim to accommodate your schedule when possible.

A guaranteed 40 hour work week

For nurses and caregivers looking for stability, we offer a guaranteed 40-hour work week. This gives you an opportunity to spend lots of time with your clients on a one-to-one basis, and provides security in your caregiving position—something that’s rare in this current economy.

Interested in a nursing or caregiving career at Nurse Next Door, apply today!

3. The Nurse Next Door culture

It’s hard not to crack a smile when you see a bright pink Nurse Next Door vehicle heading your way. From branding to staff education, everything we do is underpinned by a positive attitude, one that reflects the culture of care we’ve built for the last two decades. 

We invest in our staff because we know that caregivers who love what they do can provide the Happier Aging experience that we’re known for. Everything we do as a company is guided by our core values. 

If they resonate with you, you could be an ideal fit for Nurse Next Door.

Guided by our Core Values:

Admire People

We always take the time to recognise our nurses and caregivers’ work, never forgetting that you’re out there, on the frontline, making lives better every day.

WOW Customer Experience

We go the extra mile to create a great experience for our caregivers, so that in turn, they can provide exceptional experiences for their clients and their clients’ families. 

Find a Better Way

We listen to suggested workplace improvements from our nursing and caregiving staff, and enable them to succeed as self-motivated leaders in their community. We are always open to finding a better way to do things—after all, you know your clients best.

Passionate About Making a Difference

Above all, our nurses and caregivers are the heart and soul of this business. We’re here to change people’s lives for the better, and make a big difference in our communities.

Our World-class Net Promoter Score

A company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) tells you how satisfied a customer is with your service. It also measures how likely customers are to recommend a business to a friend. If you look closely at a NPS, it can also be an indicator of a strong workplace culture, where caregivers feel empowered to give their best to their clients.

For example, the average Nurse Next Door net promoter score is 80—which means we’re considered a world-class brand.

4. We see caregiving as a growing career

When you work with Nurse Next Door, you’ll be able to work on your own terms. For some this will mean seeing clients for 12 hours a week while spending the rest of the time looking after your own family. 

For others, like Ben Parkins, it means that caregiving is an entry into a meaningful and lasting career. Ben started out in a caregiver role, before moving up into a recruitment role where he now has a hand in guiding the next generation of caregivers. This promotion has highlighted Ben’s dedication to his clients and his passion for growing within the company.

After asking Ben why someone might want to work in a home care company like Nurse Next Door, he responded:

“They’re all about putting people at the forefront and providing a level of care that’s more like a family than a business. It makes you feel good about what you do… In my experience the leaders genuinely care about you. They want you to grow and succeed.”

As an organization, we want to recognize your talent and your goals, to help keep you motivated and happy in your career. That’s why we continue to invest in our people by offering continuous training and development opportunities to our caregivers and nurses.

5. Make a positive impact (and have fun along the way)

Finding a sense of purpose is one of the biggest reasons to work in a home care company like Nurse Next Door. We look for people who care about the work they do and the clients they care for. Our nurses and caregivers love making a positive impact in their communities, and having some fun in the process.

Unlike working at a hospital, where you may encounter patients for just a few days, Nurse Next Door caregivers focus on building strong relationships with their senior clients. 

Clients and caregivers are matched based on their personality and interests, allowing caregivers to nurture meaningful relationships with clients and their families over a long period of time. Longer visit times can also help nurses and caregivers get to know their clients on a deeper level as unique individuals—so they know exactly what will make them happiest.


Interested in a nursing or caregiving career at Nurse Next Door, apply today!

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