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For millions across North America, isolation has been a self or government-imposed way to combat COVID-19, the global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus. For some, the idea of staying home, kicking back, and watching Netflix day in and day out sounds like heaven. For others, the massive lifestyle changes that accompany self-isolation can be very hard to overcome.

The need to stay at home doesn’t mean all fun is lost, however. There are plenty of activities that seniors and their families can enjoy while practicing social distancing skills, making it a little easier to say a temporary goodbye to normal life.


  1. Enjoy Virtual Get-Togethers
  2. Get Exercise
  3. Get a Jump on Spring Cleaning
  4. Explore New Hobbies
  5. Fine-tune your Culinary Skills


Enjoy Virtual Get-Togethers

Who says the only way to enjoy time with friends and loved ones is in person? With the the rise of video conferencing software like Skype, Facetime, and Zoom, it’s easier than ever to connect with others. Meeting face to virtual face can be a good way to enjoy meals, play games, or simply catch up on life.

With more time spent at home than ever before, many popular services are going out of their way to increase options for virtual socializing. Netflix, for example, now offers a feature that lets groups watch the same programming simultaneously with in-app chatting. Many card games are also available online as well, making it easy to compete in hearts, euchre, or even games like Apples to Apples from miles away. Almost all normal get-togethers, including fun recreational activities like hosting a book club, can be performed remotely, making it simple to stay in touch.

Get Exercise

For those who have a regular gym routine, giving up fitness classes or access to equipment can be a little frustrating. However, staying at home doesn’t mean it’s impossible to be active. For those who have access to a home gym, whether that means a recumbent bike or a yoga mat and some weights, strive to get into a regular exercise habit. Even 30 minutes a day, several days a week, can do wonders for your physical and mental health. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider signing up for a free or subscription online program, like Down Dog, that provides low-intensity workouts that are simple and effective. We also have a blog on 6 Easy and Safe Exercises for Seniors which can be done in-home.  Have a peek!

If you’re not a regular exerciser or face mobility challenges, even something as simple as getting up to stretch and walk around the house every hour, going up and down the stairs, or using light hand weights can be beneficial. Exercise is part of maintaining a healthy immune system, and that’s currently more important than ever.


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Get a Jump on Spring Cleaning

Often, daily life stands in the way of keeping your home as organized as you may like. From work to social plans and daily chores, it’s not always easy to make time for household tasks. However, isolation gives you all the time in the world to tackle the kinds of projects that otherwise fall off of the radar.

For example, now may be the perfect time to re-organize your basement or go through your closet, looking for things to discard or donate. Perhaps there’s space in your backyard for a garden that can bear fruits and vegetables in the spring, or room in your garage to hang shelves for better storage options. No matter the projects you have in mind, there is now plenty of time to tick some items off of your to-do list.

Explore New Hobbies

With more freedom available to invest in hobbies than ever, self-isolation is the perfect opportunity to find new and creative ways to spend time. Use this opportunity to try new things, whether that means watercolor painting, cross-stitching, poetry writing, or even knitting. The internet is full of tutorials or instructional courses for virtually every skill or activity out there, so do some research on your options and choose something new and exciting to incorporate into your daily routines at home.

Shopping for supplies to learn new hobbies during self-isolation can be difficult, especially for those in areas with stricter rules about going outside. However, even if stores aren’t open near you, most mail-order services are still in operation, putting everything from puzzles to paints at your fingertips.


Hobbies for seniors during self-isolation

Fine-Tune Your Culinary Skills

Baking and cooking are great skills for every adult to have. However, an average day doesn’t always leave a lot of time for gourmet cooking. If you have a passion for food and the ability to cook in this time of self-isolation, now is the perfect opportunity to plan for those meals you always wanted to make. This can involve beloved comfort food dishes from childhood or fine dining favorites that aren’t often available outside of a restaurant. With the right recipe and enough time, it’s possible for even novice chefs to cook up masterpieces. Here are 10 Instant Pot Recipes which are easy for seniors to make.

Be sure to plan all of your meals ahead of time – grocery shopping isn’t necessarily easy during a period of quarantine, so being prepared is key. It’s not recommended to shop multiple times a week when social distancing rules are in place, so do your best to get everything you will need during one shopping trip whenever possible.


cooking during self-isolation

Home Care in Self-Isolation

Making lifestyle adjustments during the spread of COVID-19 isn’t easy for anyone, and that includes those who use in-home caregivers. However, for seniors who need assistance, home care can be a much-needed social outlet as well as a way to make sure daily tasks are always completely as best as possible. In-home caregivers can help with things like cleaning and shopping among many others, supporting the process of living a healthy, normal life, even under today’s unique set of circumstances. With help from Nurse Next Door, all seniors can receive the support necessary to make the most out of self-isolation.

Following the rules of self-isolation can be both frustrating and challenging, especially for those who are used to seeing family and friends on a regular basis. However, that doesn’t mean staying at home can’t be a little fun, too. With the right attitude and a list of things to do, it’s possible to make the most of the upcoming weeks or months.


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