6 Great Father’s Day Gifts For Your Elderly Father

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Father’s Day is coming soon and sometimes you get in a panic—what do I get Dad? What does he need? He already has 8 plaid shirts! Worry not, Nurse Next Door has chosen a few gift ideas that might delight your elderly father this Father’s Day!

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Fitbits come in different sizes and colours for different people’s lifestyles. Its main function is tracking your daily steps. Firstly, Fitbit has a feature where you can access a scoreboard and get into friendly challenges with friends and family. It gamifies exercising and is also a convenient tool to keep your eye on Dad’s fitness and health on a daily and weekly basis.

Fitbits can track and monitor:

  • Steps
  • Distance travelled
  • Calories burned
  • Floors climbed
  • Active minutes
  • Sleeping patterns (REM sleep etc).


Fitbits also have a function to set a silent alarm, where the wristband vibrates gently. It can be a morning alarm, but you can also set it to be a medication reminder tool.

We recommend getting Dad a Fitbit model that has their signature “PurePulse” heart rate monitor. You will be able to get a continuous, automatic, wrist-based heart rate on the health tracker’s screen. This handy little gadget can really promote wellness!


Virtual Reality (VR) 

You might think, Virtual Reality? Isn’t that a trendy tech gadget for millennials?

Actually, UCLA neuroscientists discovered that the part of an individual’s brain that responds to the VR surrounding is different than the part that responds to their real life surrounding. This discovery unleashed new ideas that VR could affect memory!

With VR, you can explore virtually anywhere and anything alongside audio stimulation.


VR games have been used for physical rehabilitation purposes after stroke or brain injury and cognitive stimulation. Lots of researchers and clinicians have been studying closely on how VR can potentially benefit elderly people with Alzheimer’s. Some studies showed that it has improved those with early Alzheimer’s diagnosis and the quality of life for seniors with dementia.


Check out the touching video below. It shows VR reconnecting an elderly couple with their past travel experiences and watch them smile with nostalgia, which is evidence that a VR kit might be a great gift for Dad.


Nintendo Switch

Remember the explosive popularity Nintendo Wii brought when it came out? Seniors loved it!

Fast forward a few years later, its most recent successor: Nintendo Switch debuted in Spring 2017. Since then, it’s been proving to be quite the popular video game console for all ages too!

A few Nintendo games like Super Mario been proven to improve cognitive health. Results from a recent study showcased that 3D-platform video games can promote grey matter in one’s hippocampus!


Another reason a Nintendo Switch would be a great choice for Dad is that when grandkids come to visit, they can play together! It’s a technology that actually encourages social connection! Everyone can take turns playing some Mario Kart or other family-friendly games. Instant party central!


Indoor Gardening Kit

Does Dad have a green thumb, but kneeling down in the backyard picking out weeds isn’t ideal for his health anymore? Or not being able to satisfy the itch to plant greenery during winter when snow covers the backyard? Consider getting him an indoor gardening kit for Father’s Day!

Some indoor gardening pots include artificial light, which allows Dad to garden all year long!

Sitting together at the dining table and planting seeds and being able to see it bloom at home by the window can be an amazing feeling!

Check out this article that highlights the benefits of gardening for seniors.


Gillette Treo

A razor is a typical Father’s Day present. But last year, Gillette stepped up their game to break the mould in the industry, introducing a new, unique razor model named Treo. This model was engineered for a caregiver in mind. It’s the first razor that was designed specifically for someone to help shave men who can’t shave themselves. Time Magazine puts Treo in the spotlight and highlighted some of its key features:

  • The blade requires less water because senior men tend to be shaved outside of the bathroom
  • It will be used like a paintbrush, which allows the user to easily give a careful shave

The main purpose is to give elderly men the sense of dignity when it comes to grooming and looking good.

Check out Gilette’s emotionally-touching ad for this special razor:


Dad might have taught you how to shave your beard the first time in high school. It’s a great time to give back. Consider investing in this handy tool as a heartfelt Father’s Day gift and a hired caregiver can incorporate it into Dad’s usual grooming routine.

Check out how Nurse Next Door’s caregiver, Audrey make grooming and care fun for her client!

(Learn more about Nurse Next Door’s personal care and grooming services here.)


4K Television and/or Sports Merchandise

Is your entire family not sure what to get Dad? You can consider splitting the price with your siblings to get Dad a 4K television (to go along with a video game console, nudge nudge!). Not only is the screen bigger and clearer, which is better for his eyes, it also improves the quality and experience of either viewing a movie and watching the news! There are different price ranges, so definitely keep an eye out for discounts.

If Dad already has a TV, you can also subscribe him to all the sports channels! Get him a jersey and merchandise of his favorite team and decorate the living room. Bring the game to Dad’s. The whole family can visit Dad on game nights, maybe even share a couple of cold ones as you cheer on your family’s favorite team!


Studies show that seniors who experience loneliness and isolation are more likely to have poorer physical and/or mental health. Check out some other ways to combat senior loneliness and depression. 

If we upgrade Dad’s house and make it fun for everyone—it will be the place to be, not just Father’s Day.

We hope you enjoyed this quick list of gift ideas for your elderly father!

Nurse Next Door wishes all the fathers out there a very Happy Father’s Day!

At Nurse Next Door we believe in celebrating aging. Learn more about our unique concept of Happier Aging™!

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