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Nurse Next Door’s People Promise focuses on our People; and we know that Caregivers are at the forefront of delivering our Happier Aging Philosophy. and helping keep seniors at home.  As our organization drives Caregiving as a career, we want to highlight Caregivers across North America: who they are; why they love what they do; what Happier Aging looks like for them. 

We are thrilled to introduce Nurse Next Door’s Caregiver Spotlight! 

Hannah – Oakville! 

Tell Us About Yourself: 

I’m a nursing student with the Mohawk College / McMaster University, currently in Level 2 and pursuing a minor in mental health, addiction, and society as well as a concurrent certificate in the language of medicine and health.  I’m originally from Port Dover, Ontario.  I’ve been with Nurse Next Door since September 2020.

What Do You Love About Your Job?

No matter who the client is, I always know we’re helping them and that means it doesn’t feel so much like work.  I’ve also learned so much about different demographics of people.  It’s been a great experience.

Tell us a Happier Aging story you had with a client and what made it special?

One client, who was mostly restricted to their wheelchair, has managed to regain some mobility and can now walk across the room with her walker.  Seeing her family get excited about this, and how much that motivates her is so rewarding.  As we continue to work with her, I look forward to more breakthroughs!

What advice would you give to new caregivers starting in the industry?

Listen to your clients.  Even if they can’t say a lot or they have dementia and don’t make a lot of sense to you, listen and pay attention to their behaviour.  Don’t look at a client as problematic or troublesome – there’s always a reason for their behaviour.

And of course, have some fun with it!  Getting a client to smile or laugh can do so much.

Thank you Hannah for making lives better in Oakville!   

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