How To Enjoy Intimacy As You Age

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Aging is a natural process we all experience, every single second. With increased age comes inevitable changes in both the mind and body. While these changes may affect your sex life, they don’t have to put an end to intimacy. Keep reading for some tips on how to incorporate and embrace the aging process and continue enjoying sex for years to come.

Seize your Seniority

Much like a fine wine, your intimacy skills get better with age. Although your body may not be in the shape it once was, your confidence is at its peak, and what could be more attractive than that? You may even find the older you become,  the less self-conscious you feel, which will leave room to explore new and exciting areas of intimacy. It’s said that with age comes experience. The better you know your body and what will make for the most pleasurable outcome. Plus, sexual activity has lots of benefits for seniors!

Communication is Key

Often times, old age might be accompanied by difficulty of hearing, but it’s necessary to keep open lines of communication if you’re looking to maintain an active sex life! Feeling a wide mix of emotion is completely normal and it’s likely your spouse or partner is also experiencing similar feelings. Talking about these feelings and your wants and desires for an intimate relationship will help you to discover each of your likes and dislikes. You may be pleasantly surprised to find you’re both interested in trying something new and you can have lots of fun discovering exactly what that is together.


Ask for Help

Whether it’s due to a daily medication or simply your body going through changes, as we age our body parts operate differently than they once did. The good news is, this is completely normal and there are a number of ways to combat issues such as erectile dysfunction and low libido.

For example, incorporating exercise into your daily routine has been found to increase sex drive. Who knew working up a sweat on the treadmill could lead to heating things up in the bedroom? Here are 6 safe and easy exercises for seniors.

Stress can also play a role in low sexual desire so you may want to consider incorporating meditation or breathing exercises into your day to day routine. Check out some activities that encourage relaxation!

You may also want to talk with a healthcare professional who may suggest generic viagra for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, or a medication called Addyi, used to treat Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder in women (please check with your physician prior to taking any medication).

Maintain the Spark

In order to keep things alive in the bedroom, you must be willing to put in work outside of it. It’s not easy for couples of any age to keep that spark alive, but it is crucial in order to maintain a long-lasting relationship. Writing each other love notes, a romantic dinner in or out, or simply taking time out of each day to remind your partner how important they are to you, are all easy, attainable ways to keep the romance alive. Here are some date night ideas we love for any couple to stay connected through quality time together! These feelings of love will translate over to your intimate relationship and allow you to build a bond that is strong and long-lasting.

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While growing older is an inevitable fact of life, it does not mean your desires or intimacy have to end. Whether you’ve been with your partner for years or are back on the dating scene, embrace your age and experience for what it has taught you and don’t be afraid to learn a few new tricks along the way!   

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