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Without safety, danger can happen at home which leads to accidents, trips, cuts, wounds, and injuries. These unfortunate effects can endanger any member’s life – making them lose some time off work or school and may even lead to long-term issues with their functions.

These can be prevented when safety is practiced, and this is why safety should be a priority in any setting. Every place contains some level of risk or danger but with sound assessment and effective action, safety improvements can happen.

You may have different solutions to enhance safety but one thing we will explore today is the importance of people – specifically the role of nurses in improving safety at home.

What are examples of safety issues?
Every room at home can have one or two safety concerns. The bathroom is commonly seen as an accident-prone area. With the confined space, slippery agents such as water or soap, and the lack of visibility for other people’s view, using the bathroom can become dangerous to any family member.

The kitchen is not just a fire hazard but the equipment and appliances can be sources of wounds or accidents. If cooking appliances are left on and forgotten, excessive electricity consumption or gas burning can be the start of a fire. Knives and other sharp tools can cut up the user – especially if they are having trouble with small movements. Carrying out heavy pans and pots can sprain a senior member.

If the family has stairs, it can be another safety and mobility issue. Getting up and down the staircase requires effort. Seniors with walking and balance issues may find themselves struggling with taking a step. Unattended items lying on each step or a loose carpet can trip any person.

Any place at home with poor lighting and ventilation is also risky. Failing eyesight can happen to senior members and without enough lighting to guide their way, navigation especially during the night is risky. The lack of proper ventilation causes poor airflow which is not good for their breathing.

What are common solutions to safety concerns?
Fortunately, there are different home installments you can add to improve your home’s safety. Although the best solution to highlight safety is to include this principle right from designing the house, adding safety mechanisms still delivers a positive impact to the residence.
If the space at home is prone to slips and trips, purchasing non-slip mats can reduce accidents. To improve the person’s safety handles for grabbing can be reinforced in the bathroom or walkways. In this way, your senior loved one can hold onto something whenever they feel difficulty keeping up with walking. This should also be reinforced in the staircase. The handles should be strong and reliable.

You can also improve your home’s lighting. Provide enough light source during the night so your senior loved one can easily navigate going to the bathroom and returning to bed. If your loved one has trouble getting in and out of their bed, you can also consider installing handles along the bedframe to guide them in every movement.

In the kitchen, cooking complicated meals can be minimized and easy to use, or smart devices can help cook simple dishes. If your loved one has forgotten about the timer, an alarm can be set in place or the in-built technology on the appliance automatically switches off. You may also consider switching utensils and other tools to convenient and easy-to-grab sizes. Regular knives can be switched to plastic cutting knives and ergonomic tools can substitute regular tools.

Recognizing the safety locations at home and evaluating the most appropriate solution is just half of the work. This is why we continue to maintain safety through our Senior Home Care program.

Our nurses are professional and compassionate care providers ready to provide Senior Care to our patients as an added safety layer.

How can a nurse bring added value?
We must be ready for anything that could happen and when needed, we have comprehensive Home Care Services in Las Vegas, Nevada to support our clients’ needs. When you have a nurse looking after your senior parent, you can trust that their overall safety is managed.

A human eye is a reliable filter for supervision and guidance. We keep your loved ones within our sight to ensure their safety is secured. Our care providers notice every detail that can affect your loved one’s safety. We prepare safety solutions to their needs. Whenever they are walking around, we are ready to assist.

Our care providers let your loved ones enjoy what they love such as cooking without compromising their safety. We help prepare the ingredients and supervise the use of equipment or appliance so your senior parent can focus on their passion. If your senior parent wants some privacy to do their business, we prepare what is possible in advance and we remain within an earshot in case help is needed.

If your loved one takes a prescription, this can be an added element. When medications are not managed well, they can be a source of health and safety issues. We make sure our patients take the right dose at the right schedule. Too much use of prescription or too little consumption of medicine is both unfortunate sides. Overdosing and underdosing do not bring the results intended by their doctor. With a skilled professional, proper measures can be practiced at home.

We keep a proper inventory of the supplies while ensuring their best condition. We dispose of medications correctly to avoid misuse or waste leaking into the property.

Some activities may not immediately pose risk to the person’s safety unless evaluated by a trained human eye. We understand that situations can drastically change but the judgment of a reliable nurse remains steady.

Safety issues can come from different sources but your senior parent should not suffer by keeping it safe when they could be free and independent. This is the kind of In Home care Las Vegas that we provide. This is the kind of agency that Nurse Next Door Home Care Services is to our clients.

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