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As we age, back pain has become a common hiccup in our everyday routines. With aging as the leading cause of back pain, it’s inevitable! However, this pain isn’t something that has to be sucked up, dealt with, and overlooked. There are plenty of ways to fight and defeat this nagging physical condition!

Studies show that seniors are the happiest amongst all demographics! We want to cultivate more happiness in all aspects of life and the last thing we want to be concerned about is body aches! We want to spend more quality time with family and loved ones. We collected four home remedies to help alleviate back pain to support a more comfortable, healthier and happier lifestyle!

Healthier Lifestyle

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It is so important to watch your weight. Excess weight on your body can cause strain on the joints and muscles supporting your back. Eating a healthy and balanced diet will take some of that strain away. It can be as easy as switching out that donut each morning for scrambled eggs and a piece of fruit!  Exercising is another great way to keep your weight in check. Walks around the neighborhood or taking your dog to the local park, are the perfect ways to get yourself out and about. And always remember getting a good night’s sleep!

Comfortable Wardrobe

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The clothing you put on each day has a definite effect on your overall health and well being. It has been found that a number of different clothing items and footwear can have a direct impact on your lower back. For example, most women are wearing ill-fitting undergarments, affecting the way their back is supported. Investing in a comfortable bra that curves and forms with your body to support your breasts, relieves your back from the pain you might be feeling! This small adjustment will do wonders for you.

Additionally, a more gender-neutral tip would be upgrading your shoes. Some styles need to be avoided at all costs if you’re looking for pain relief. Backless shoes such as flip-flops force you to clench your toes; resulting in knee, hip and back pain. Take the time to research shoes that fit your lifestyle.

Your clothes are an easy variable to change. If they are uncomfortable throughout the day, chances are they need to be switched out!

Better Posture

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According to Very Well Health, the strain your back receives while sitting in a slouched position has the potential to cause excessive pressure on your joints, muscles, and discs. This pressure could potentially be the cause of the back pain you’re feeling day in and day out! Becoming aware of how you are holding yourself when doing simple tasks such as reading a book or eating dinner, can eventually lead to relieving that pressure and stress. Refer to this article on how you should be sitting and tips on how to practice this!

Deep Breathing

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Looking at a more mindful approach, many have seen major benefits with meditation. Just by relaxing and taking a minute for yourself can cause your back muscles to unclench. Another great aspect of this avenue is the distraction from the pain. When your mind is focussed directly on the pain, it makes sense that it intensifies, causing you to feel almost consumed by it. Take the time to find a quiet place in your home to focus on your breathing or even just repeat a positive statement in your mind. Managing back pain can feel overwhelming most days, and as if we don’t have the time to deal with it! However, carving out time for a simple 5-minute meditation session is a great way to take control from the comfort of your home!

Some people might resort to taking medication (pharmaceutical and/or medical cannabis) to relieve back pain. Although it may be a quicker relief, it’s also important to look into more long-term solutions that you can practice in the comfort of your own home!

Self-care is important. But everyone has the time where they might need a little help. Nurse Next Door supports seniors’ independence by helping them age at home comfortably. Learn more about our services by giving us a call toll free at +1(877) 588-8609!

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