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To the Communities We Love and Support,

These last few days have been filled with great uncertainty throughout our communities. Across the world, including in virtually every community we serve, families are facing unprecedented challenges, isolation and hardship. It is times like these, though, that we at Nurse Next Door are reminded of why we do what we do.

We have always believed that the home is the safest place for our seniors to be and never has this philosophy been more meaningful. As providers of an essential service, we are on the front-lines caring for some of our communities’ most vulnerable population as our health officials and political leaders continue to fight this pandemic.

While many organizations are being forced to close their doors, at least temporarily, we have an opportunity to support clients, and bring peace of mind, to thousands of families across our markets. This opportunity brings great responsibility and I want you to know how seriously we hold this obligation. I want to deeply thank all of our Caregivers, Care Designers and Franchise Partners across Canada, the United States and Australia who have stepped up to this remarkable challenge. I also want to thank the incredible staff at our 24/7 Call Center who continue to help families navigate their challenging situations around the clock.

As a brand, our goal is to continue to say ‘Yes’ to clients who need help at home and we will work to provide care in each community we serve. Of course, the health and safety of our incredible care team is critical. We will continue to ensure that they are able to service our clients with the appropriate precautions and personal protective equipment they require. We have invested heavily to ensure that we are taking every appropriate step to care for our clients, while helping to protect our people and flatten the curve of COVID-19. I will also add that in each of our communities, we are working closely with public health officials and clinical experts to ensure we are following the appropriate protocols and guidance in place.
These will certainly be challenging times and there will be bumps along the way. I do know that we will get through this together and Nurse Next Door is committed to being part of the solution.


Cathy Thorpe
President & CEO
Nurse Next Door Home Care Services

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