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The definition of non-medical care varies across North America. With that said, most commonly, those who are looking for non-medical care are typically looking for a few key things that are standard under everywhere. Non-medical home care has one main goal, to bring peace of mind to the client and their family members while keeping a senior at home.


Nurse Next Door is in the business of caring, and that is the essence of the elder companionship service we offer. From the first day of the consultation, Nurse Next Door asks what hobbies, likes and dislikes the client has in order to get a feel for what activities might interest them. From there, the Care Designer (care manager) asks the most important question, “What did you used to love doing, that you no longer do?” Once these questions are asked and answered, caregivers are armed with the information necessary to deliver happiness to clients, and give them the confidence to do their favorite activities again.

Personal Assistance

Sometimes Nurse Next Door caregivers act almost like a personal assistant to a senior in need. Some clients require their caregiver to drive them to appointments. Others want a helping hand in organizing their home. Others, still, need some help around the house. The caregiver provides the necessary personal care.

Checking off these small tasks on their list can ease life’s daily pressures and allow seniors to get back to what they are passionate about.

The Royal Treatment

Another aspect of non-medical care is doing all the tasks that now may seem daunting for seniors. Tasks like dusting high shelves and vacuuming the house are now a bit more difficult and Nurse Next Door steps in to allow seniors to be a King or Queen in their own home, and just relax while tasks like this are done for them. Some seniors have even been known to ask for their favorite meals to be cooked by their caregiver, using secret family recipes.

Nurse Next Door has the ability to build custom caring plans for their clients. Along with the main non-medical support we offer, there are other tasks such as helping a client get dressed or helping clients with personal care such as bathing that can fit into non-medical care depending on the area. Simply call us at 1.888.988.5880 to find out how one of our Caregivers can make your life better today.

Are you looking for care for a loved one? Learn more about our wide range of one-on-one home care services, or call +1(877) 588-8609 to book a free Caring Consult.

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