Why Are Home Security Systems Necessary For Seniors?

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With the holiday season upon us and special deals being sent to our inbox each day, it’s an excellent time to look into products we should invest in for ourselves and our loved ones. The perfect purchase is often one that keeps on giving. Products that monitor one’s well-being are especially helpful for seniors that may have a more difficult time keeping track of these aspects of their life. Specifically, home security systems can be beneficial to seniors with deteriorating hearing, delayed reactions times, and mobility problems.

Here are five reasons why seniors should consider getting a home security system.

Relatives & Caregivers Can Easily Monitor the Home

Since almost every home security system has an app now, it’s possible to share the home’s security status with others at all times. This is especially helpful for seniors with family in the area or who require living assistance. Not only will owners of the app know when something is wrong, they’ll also be alerted when something in the system isn’t functioning properly or updates should be made. This ability won’t only bring the senior peace of mind, but their loved ones will be able to sleep soundly as well knowing that they can keep an eye on them 24/7.

Many Systems Can Easily Be Moved

As a senior with needs that change often, it can be difficult to know when you’ll need to change living situations. Luckily, there are now home security systems that don’t require contracts and can easily be moved from home to home. Seniors no longer need to worry about being locked into a home security system that only works for one home. Modern systems also work well in smaller homes and apartments.

They Do More Than Just Protect From Burglars

There are often plenty of optional functions you can add to a system to keep a home safe. Home security systems don’t just alert the homeowner when someone is breaking in, but they can also warn when there’s smoke, carbon monoxide, frozen pipes, and more. Environmental hazards such as these can be extremely dangerous in the home and are often more difficult for seniors to watch out for. For instance, if it’s challenging for a senior to go down a set of stairs to a basement but it’s necessary to look out for a flooding cellar, a water sensor is the perfect accessory.

Panic Buttons Can Alert Authorities When Medical Assistance is Needed

 To add to the previous point, home security systems can also be helpful during a medical emergency. These systems have panic buttons to alert authorities immediately, which is especially useful if an issue prohibits one from being able to speak on the phone. With this function, seniors won’t have to worry about the monthly expense of another product that alerts authorities of a medical emergency.

Home Security Systems Allow Seniors To Be More Independent

With the assistance that home security systems provide to seniors, they’ll likely be able to gain more independence and can live independently for longer. If it’s something that the senior is okay with, a security camera can be installed in the living space so a caregiver or relative can keep an eye out for any incidents in the home.

Author: Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith is a writer who is passionate about sharing personal safety tips across the web and social media such as for SimpliSafe’s Twitter page.

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