Sundowner's Syndrome

What exactly is Sundowner’s Syndrome and is my loved one experiencing symptoms? Here are some ways you can help them manage it.

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What you may be observing in your loved one’s behavior has become known in everyday vernacular as Sundowner’s Syndrome. As the name suggests, it’s a condition that causes symptoms such as confusion and agitation after “sundown” in people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

It is believed that Sundowner’s Syndrome is caused by hormonal imbalances that occur in the evenings. Others theorize that the onset of symptoms in the evening hours is due to simple fatigue.

Similar to other forms of dementia, the effects of Alzheimer’s, including the mysterious ways of Sundowner’s Syndrome, can cause anxiety for a loved one’s family as well. Not knowing precisely how to navigate it can also feel debilitating and like you’re sailing a ship without a rudder. This is why it’s helpful to educate yourself as much as possible as well as talking with our Care Team to better understand the most helpful approach you can take.

Nurse Next Door’s caregivers specialize in Alzheimer’s and dementia care. See how they can help Mom or Dad live happily, comfortably and safely at home here.

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