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Driving yourself to and from your daily activities is a large part of maintaining your sense of independence and normal lifestyle. We understand how important having your own transportation is for your overall sense of well-being and positive outlook.

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Have a weekly sports group or regular coffee meet-up with your friends? Feel like taking a leisurely drive to check out a new store or some beautiful scenery? Nurse Next Door provides special rides for seniors, ensuring that a driver is ready to pick you up and drop you off at your desired location at your designated time.

Your caregiver will assist you with scheduling your transportation reservation and can assist you while grocery shopping, running your personal errands or getting to and from your daily outings.



Maybe you have a doctor’s visit and would like someone to accompany you to the office. Not only will your caregiver be there to drive with you to your scheduled session, she will also sit beside you and take notes during your appointment or assist you with asking the doctor questions if any issues should arise.

We want to be sure you are able to freely get where you need to be and that you always have someone by your side for every occasion.



Do you love to fly but would like a companion to navigate the cumbersome aspects of airport and travel with you? Nurse Next Door will arrange for your caregiver to accompany you on your next vacation so you don’t have to worry about the physical challenges and organizational details.

Our caregiver will minimize any travel stress and hassle by driving with you to the airport and accompanying you through the check-in process. Our caregivers can even make international trips if you have plans to visit family, attend a wedding, or visit Paris for the first time.

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