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Families that are in search of home care for their aging loved ones usually have numerous questions regarding their options. One of the biggest struggles is deciding whether to hire a home care agency or a private caregiver. We take a deep dive into the key differences and benefits to hiring a home care service over a private caregiver.


When you work with a home care agency, you have a team of people looking after your loved ones. There are numerous people who can help or offer support to clients and families with whatever concerns or questions they have.

Elsa* is 71 years old and was recently discharged from the hospital after a fall where she injured her arm. Though the fall was not as serious, Elsa’s family wanted to ensure mom was safe in her home. Elsa’s children are unable to be primary caregivers for their mom and therefore looked into home care assistance.

They chose Nurse Next Door for a number of reasons. The care services center (the customer service call center) was available for the family to call for information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for one. Some of Elsa’s children also lived out of state and therefore, were able to arrange for weekly reports on their mom’s progress even though they were unable to visit her regularly. Another big deciding factor was that numerous people from the care services specialists, the care designer (care manager) and caregivers, all worked together to bring the best care to Elsa, giving the family peace of mind that no details would be missed.


Robert* asked his daughter to help him look for some home care assistance after realizing that daily tasks such as making meals, or even maneuvering the buttons on his shirt were no longer as simple as they once were.

Although Robert needed a caregiver to come in twice a week to help him with light household tasks and security when he went to do his errands. The difficult part was Robert’s changing schedule. The family knew that it would be a challenge to find a caregiver who was available twice a week at varying times and days.

Nurse Next Door became a perfect fit. Robert became familiar and comfortable with a few Nurse Next Door caregivers who were able to meet Robert’s needs in scheduling. This was a huge relief to the family and allowed Robert’s daughter to be at ease when it came to her concerns about her father.


Joannie* was very skeptical about who she allowed in her home. Although her son wanted to get her extra support, Joannie was very resistant to accepting care. Although numerous private caregivers were qualified to take on the tasks at hand, no one seemed to put Joannie’s concerns to rest. It wasn’t until the family invited a Nurse Next Door care designer to meet Joannie, that there was a glimmer of hope.

Care designers ask a series of questions covering both medical needs as well as information that is required in order to find out what makes the client feel happy. So when Joannie met her caregiver Beth* the connection was just about immediate. Beth and Joannie shared a love for performing arts and theatre, understood the importance of tea time and also lived the same part of Ireland at one time in their lives. It was as if Joannie had met her new best friend.

Now, three years later, Joannie and Beth still spend time together and it was all due to the Perfect Match, matching engine that Nurse Next Door used to create a successful pairing between client and caregiver.

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Setting up home health care can be a difficult process but at Nurse Next Door, we do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for you. We do thorough background checks on all of our caregivers and nurses. Snd if a nurse or caregiver ever calls in sick, we have the ability to send in a fantastic replacement.

When hiring privately you may need to do reference, credential and background checks all on your own. And if someone calls in sick you may actually find yourself without care.

So many private caregivers do an amazing job but their resources are limited, to no fault of their own. When clients hire an organization, there are systems in place, policies in order and a full team pushing forward to bring the best care possible to clients and their families, and therefore, ultimately the most comfortable decision for even the most difficult of client care plans.

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