Home Care in Nanaimo, BC

Chris Wilkinson
Employment Background: Kinesiology

Tawnya Wilkinson
Employment Background: Forestry engineering / fitness training

Personally seeing a growing need for quality home care in Nanaimo for seniors was all Chris and Tawnya needed to take on the challenge of bringing Nurse Next Door to their community. Helping people improve their lives was a catalyst for both to work in fitness related careers and also spurred their interest in Vancouver Island’s first Nurse Next Door franchise.

The couple decided to vie for the franchise opportunity after receiving a tip from a good friend. Since being awarded a franchise, Chris and Tawnya have set a goal to build the leading senior home care service in the central Vancouver Island region.

Nurse Next Door offers a wide range of one-on-one Home Care Services in Nanaimo.

Please see our Nanaimo Home Care Careers page for information on current positions.

Wiring the Wellderly

Nurse Next Door’s Wiring the Wellderly program is about technology training around what matters – staying connected with loved ones. Our patient, senior experts will help you, or your loved one, learn and enjoy today’s best technologies.