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Why you'll love Nurse Next Door

Happier Aging

Happier Aging

We'll get you back to doing the things you love, improve your health and independence with our Happier Aging™ approach.

The Perfect Match

The Perfect Match

We go to great lengths to make sure your caregiver is the one for you. Our compassionate staff are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Open 24/7

Open 24/7

Whether it's 3PM on Tuesday or 3AM of Saturday, call us any time to speak to a live specialist.

Our Pricing

Basic Care

Basic Care

minimum 4 hours per visit

min. 4 hours per visit

from $35/hour per hour

(minimum $140/week)

(min. $140/wk)

Happier Aging

Happier Aging

at least

3 Visits Per Week

minimum 4 hours per visit

min. 4 hours per visit

from $32/hour per hour

(minimum $384/week)

(min. $384/wk)

Urgent Care

Urgent Care

care required within 8 hours

required within 8 hours

from $35/hour per hour

(minimum $140; first visit only)

(min. $140;
first visit only)

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Making Lives Better

Chantal and Paresh believe that all seniors deserve to live a healthy and fulfilled life through retirement. With an aging population and more adult children working full time, they have seen families struggle to find suitable options for aging parents who want to age in place. Nurse Next Door is filling the health care gaps in Scarborough through reputable, compassionate and affordable senior home care services.

Senior Home Care | Elder Care Services

Chantal and Paresh are most proud of the difference they are making to the lives of people in Scarborough. They are able to do this because Nurse Next Door Scarborough is more than elder home health care, it’s about supporting a lifestyle for seniors to get them back doing the things they loved to do and helping them celebrate aging. Chantal and Paresh and their entire team of caregivers promise to provide the type of care that resembles care people would get from their own family members or better.


Owners: Paresh Vyas, Chantal Saake

Offering senior home care services to your loved ones in Scarborough North and surrounding communities
Scarborough, Ontario
Phone: 416.843.2301


Learn more about the wide range of one-on-one Senior Home Care Services in Scarborough North.

Visit our media page to find answers to the most common questions about senior home care that we receive.

Behind the Heart

Our Talent Is Caring

Chantal and Paresh have big hearts and are passionate about making the lives of seniors in Scarborough better. Both hail from business and technology backgrounds and have proven themselves to be natural entrepreneurs.

Chantal spent nearly 20 years working for some of Canada’s largest IT companies in leadership roles. She is well experienced with managing exceptional teams and delivering world class service levels. Paresh led the growth and development of a number of successful technology companies over the past few decades. His excellent leadership skills, strong business acumen and passion for making lives better has proven valuable towards building an exceptional team of Nurse Next Door caregivers in Scarborough.

Having both been caregivers for members within their own families, Chantal and Paresh understand how difficult it can be managing care while holding a job, raising children and balancing other responsibilities. Through Nurse Next Door’s compassionate services, Chantal and Paresh will help other families focus on being just that- a family- during stressful times. Individualized care plans can ensure that the time families spend together is of high quality and help sons and daughters get back to being sons and daughters again.

What’s important to Chantal and Paresh is that Nurse Next Door becomes like a second family to their clients. It’s about giving support, being compassionate at all times, and finding ways to brighten every day.

Chantal and Paresh look for qualified caregivers with the needed skills and experience, but most importantly, they look for big hearts, kind smiles and people who are truly passionate about making lives better. Chantal and Paresh’s ultimate goal is to make Nurse Next Door Scarborough the most recognizable and trusted brand in private elder home care by delivering exceptional and compassionate services to each and every client.

Please see our Nurse Next Door Scarborough North Home Care Careers page for information on current positions.

Meet Scarborough North’s Care Designer:

Lori Laufert started at Nurse Next Door at its Markham location in September 2013. She is a Care Designer, Senior Nursing Consultant, occasional on call and assists in HR duties. As a Care Designer, Lori assess the client’s needs at the first meeting and once an individualized and collaborative Care Plan is created to meet their specific needs, services are then promptly delivered. As an RN with extensive Nursing experience, Lori also acts as a Nursing Consultant by ensuring safety and RNAO Best Practice Guidelines are met with each client. It is no wonder that Lori was nominated for the prestigious Toronto Star Nightingale Nursing Award. last year! When asked about her thoughts on one of four of our core values, ‘Passionate about making a difference’ she replied: “I want the care of people to have all their needs met, for us to ‘Tick all the boxes’ of their needs.” Lori’s clients and peers describe her as a knowledgeable, funny, compassionate, and an admirable ‘gutsy’ team member. We adore you Lori!

Meet Scarborough North’s Community Relations and Marketing Manager:

Previously a Nurse Next Door ‘Care Companion’, Carla is our Community Relations and Marketing Manager! Carla enriches our local presence by attending and participating in special events as well as information sharing at our weekly meetings. Having gone through her personal experience with aging parents; one in palliative care and the other stricken with Dementia, she realized her deep passion for the elderly and making a difference in our aging communities. When asked about her passions, Carla shared she is married to her high school sweetheart, has two amazing children, two very special grandsons and two fun-loving grand-dogs!

After visiting a few different Nurse Next Door locations, she notes each one was very special as they all had a friendly atmosphere and passionate staff. Their strong work ethic of caring is apparent which carried over to show their clients are treated with tender loving care. Carla’s peers describe her as conscientious, ambitious and a compassionate team member. We adore you Carla!

Meet Scarborough North’s Care Designer, Personal Support Worker and HR Assistant:

Introducing Deanne! Coming from our Nurse Next Door neighbours to the north in Newmarket in 2015; she is a Care Designer, Personal Support Worker and assists in HR duties. She also provides on call services! As a Care Designer, Deanne assesses the client’s needs at the first meeting and once an individualized and collaborative Care Plan is created to meet their specific needs, services are then promptly delivered. As a former Registered Nurse and care giver her experience is essential to evaluate the amount of care required for each client! When asked about her passions, Deanne shared a lengthy list of spending time with her family, being happy, self improvement, reading, yoga, meditation, walking, spending time with her partner Dave and being at the cottage! What stands out is her value to “always do the right thing”. Deanne’s clients and peers describe her as a strong, compassionate, caring and humble team member. We adore you Deanne!

Meet Scarborough North’s Social Media Coordinator:

Newest to the Nurse Next Door (Scarborough North & area) family is Melissa Nichols as the Social Media Coordinator. Since May 2016, Melissa blogs/posts/shares/tweets Nurse Next Door local and international content to keep up with our company’s continuous growth! Melissa also likes to post occasional cute, furry or funny smile-worthy pictures in hopes you will find time to ‘stop and smell the roses’ during your busy day. Although not a Social Media guru, she has a knack for identifying successes and challenges in our Health Care system due to professional and personal experiences.

Melissa has a strong understanding of what QUALITY of care and QUALITY of life are after working 10+ years in various Long Term Care homes: from facilitating Programs, Assessment Coordinator and Quality Coordinator. Both values especially rang true when faced with a surprise brain tumour in 2011; and learning how to walk again. Now an author, public speaker, and ongoing advocate for quality healthcare and quality of life, she continues her road to recovery by getting stronger, day by day.

Melissa felt instantly magnetized by Nurse Next Door’s value of making people’s lives better and providing QUALITY care as it meshes strongly with her values. Her peers at Nurse Next Door Markham describe her as courageous, inspirational, comical and caring. We adore you Melissa!