Happier Aging

What is Happier Aging?

How many times have you heard someone say they enjoy aging? Unfortunately, aging is often associated with negative stereotypes and a loss of independence. But, we’re here to prove that it doesn’t have to be this way.

When Nurse Next Door started, we believed in changing the perceptions of aging from the beginning. Instead of feeling sad or helpless, we knew that aging was something worth celebrating. The evolution of this vision combined with learnings from our clients led to the concept of ‘Happier Aging’ which was created to identify and define engagement activities that would bring happiness – even if it was something small or simple. The key to finding this out was simply asking the question, “what did you use to love to do that you no longer do?”

Happier Aging to our clients is…

Bringing Hawaii home

Nurse Next Door Green Bay’s Tribute to Mr. KramerNurse Next Door Green Bay’s tribute to Mr. Kramer

Posted by Nurse Next Door on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Re-discovering a love for golf

Happier Aging

Johnathan was at the end stages of life with about two months to live. When our Care Designer, Alexa, was at the assessment, she asked him, “what did you used to love to do that you don’t do any more?”

And he answered, “golf” (and when he answered you could see the sparkle in his eyes). He loved golf; his house was on a golf course after all!

So Alexa and our caregiver, Ivy, went out that evening and bought supplies to build an 18 hole miniature golf course throughout his house. Every room became a golf course hole. He spent every morning, until the day just before he passed, golfing from room to room.

Johnathan found joy in his final months of life.

How Happier Aging Works

  1. Identify a need. What’s something you or your loved one use to do but no longer does?
  2. Call Nurse Next Door to book a free Caring Consult™.
  3. Meet with a Care Designer to identify the activities that will bring happiness.
  4. A caregiver will be matched with a client to help bring happiness to life.
  5. Happier Aging  occurs!

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