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Ceci | Dallas North, TX


I’m a born and raised Texan from Rockwall. I originally started in caregiving as a Home Health Aide in 2013. I received my CNA license in 2019 while attending Collin College in Mckinney and I’ve been with Nurse Next Door for just over one year.


What do you love most about your job?


Everything! It is such a privilege and a blessing to work with our senior clients. I believe they are living history. I’ve always considered myself a history buff; but hearing those stories first hand from the clients themselves is a real treat! 


What is your favorite memory with a client?


I have so many! More recently, one of our clients had been put onto hospice care and she was getting close to passing. It was during the height of the pandemic, and the facility she resided in was on lock down. Her family wasn’t allowed to be with her and I was one of the few caregivers that was allowed into this particular facility. Her daughter called me and asked me if I could go be with her Mom so that she wouldn’t die alone. The request was truly an honor, and I got there as fast as I could. I sat with her for hours; holding her hand, praying together, assuring her that she wasn’t alone. When she started showing signs of discomfort, I asked the facility if they could contact the hospice group for a comfort kit. Over the next few hours, I called the staff nurse whenever I thought she might be hurting. She received the pain medicine she needed to pass gently. 


I feel like I make a difference in all my clients’ lives every day! But this particular evening is definitely one that will leave a lasting impression on me. I would like to think that I made her final hours less scary and less uncomfortable. I know her family was grateful to have somebody familiar at her bedside, especially since they couldn’t be there themselves. I consider it very special to have been part of that day. 


What does “happier aging” mean to you?


If all of my basic needs were met, and I had the help I needed to stay in my home, “Happier Aging” to me would mean several things. I would want to have caregivers around me that were engaging and empathetic. I would want conversation, stories, and laughter. I would want somebody who had the time to take me down to the lake to feed the ducks. I would want to be seen and acknowledged as a unique individual, and not just another patient name or number. Being able to trust that my caregivers have my best interest in mind would be invaluable.


What advice would you give to new Caregivers starting in the industry?


Please always remember to treat each client uniquely as you would a member of your own extended family with a loving heart and caring hands. Remain patient and kind. You have the ability to make a positive difference in your client’s day!

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