Hiring a Caregiver: How Nurse Next Door Hires Qualified Team Members

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It comes from personal experiences that co-founders Ken Sim and John DeHart started Nurse Next Door. Ken, who was looking for a caregiver for his wife during her pregnancy was hit with a huge shock when the caregiver admitted that she had never met her employers. She had sent in her resume, and within a matter of days, received a phone call that sent her to the Sim’s family home. Around the same time, John had a similar experience with his grandmother and it was then that they both recognized a need in the industry for a change.

Nurse Next Door emerged because of the need in the industry to hire the right caregivers, from their technical qualifications all the way to the heart and core values that they carry of themselves.

Hiring a dependable caregiver through a home care provider has numerous benefits but there are a number of things to look for.

The level of caregiver you need

Melissa* was looking for a registered nurse (RN) for her mother who needed assistance with personal care, such as bathing and toileting. She called into Nurse Next Door looking to hire a RN until she found out that a “level 2” or “level 3” caregiver was all that she required. Learning this information, then expanded her budget and allowed her to hire the caregiver for more hours to do extra services around the home outside of the initial requirement, which in turn not only took care of her mother’s required needs but also brought more comfort and happiness to her mother.

How We Hire Our Caregivers

Caregiver hiring process

Joan* came to Nurse Next Door, looking for an elderly caregiver for her Uncle who needed the assistance of a caregiver to accomplish errands such as grocery shopping and making meals. Although the tasks did not call for a medically trained professional, Joan’s weariness stemmed from the fear of having a “stranger” in her Uncle’s home. Joan’s nerves were eased when a care service specialist explained the extensive hiring process which includes face to face interviews, reference and criminal record checks and a diligent onboarding process.

Caregiver Relief Services - Respite Care for Caregivers

Continuity of Service

When Fred* first called Nurse Next Door, his voice had a heavy tone of someone who had a heavy heart and who was burning the candle at both ends. He had hired a caregiver independently to care for his father but was constantly working to fill in on the days the caregiver was sick, or required the day off. After three months with Nurse Next Door, he recognized that not only did his father adore his regular caregiver, but was also well taken care of by a team of people from the care designer, the care services center and the elderly caregivers who would step in, in the place of his regular caregiver on the certain days she was unable to come to her scheduled visit with him.

When a business is built out of a recognized need in the community for something as personal as the safety and well being of vulnerable loved ones, it can be guaranteed that the organization strives to hire the best elderly caregivers. Nurse Next Door will do whatever it takes to bring peace of mind to the families and clients. After all, they can empathize with what caregiving families are feeling, and they know what it feels like when things aren’t going right.

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