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Personal experience led founders Ken Sim and John DeHart to create Nurse Next Door. Ken, who was looking for an in-home caregiver for his wife during her pregnancy, was shocked when the caregiver admitted that she had never met her employers. She had sent in her resume, and within a few days, she was scheduled to work with Ken in his family home. Around the same time, John had a similar experience with his grandmother – it was then that they both recognized the industry needed a change.

Nurse Next Door was established due to the significant need in the industry to match the right caregivers with their clients. From caregivers’ technical qualifications to the heart and core value of what they carry themselves – Nurse Next Door is built on value-based principles of qualified and attentive caregivers willing to go above and beyond.

5 Things To Consider Before Hiring a Caregiver

Hiring a dependable in-home caregiver through a care provider or agency has tremendous benefits. Most agencies like Nurse Next Door have liability insurance and reliable policies to ensure you and your family member are covered in case of any emergency.

Read about the difference between a home care agency and private caregivers here.

How do you know which caregiver to hire? Before we answer this, there are several things to consider before hiring a caregiver.

1) The Levels of An In-Home Caregiver

Melissa* was looking for a registered nurse (RN) for her mother, who needed assistance with personal care, such as bathing and toileting. Melissa had no idea of the varying levels of caregivers and the types of caregivers available. She called Nurse Next Door looking to hire an RN until she found out that a “level 2” or “level 3” (home health aide) caregiver was all that she needed.

Learning this information expanded her budget and allowed her to hire the right caregiver for more hours. And bonus, the type of caregiver she required would also be able to assist by helping out around the home outside of the initial requirement. Not only did that help Melissa’s mother’s with her challenging home tasks, but it also brought her more comfort and happiness.

At Nurse Next Door, our Care Team can answer your questions and suggest the proper care based on your loved one’s needs. From skilled nursing care to a certified nursing assistant, if you have a good understanding of Mom or Dad’s care requirements – our qualified team of experts will be able to suggest the proper level of in-home caregiver that can do the job.

Nurse Next Door does an excellent job at hiring qualified potential caregivers. We make sure to give comprehensive training, practical orientation, and ongoing retraining to all of our caregivers.

  • Comprehensive Training

    We want our in-home caregivers to be successful. Our training prepares them to align with our core values and brand promises. They get access to case studies and scenarios for providing quality home health care.

  • Practical Orientation

    We train caregivers in an educational environment where they can ask questions, gain practical knowledge for consistent care, and get familiar with our support teams and systems.

  • Long-term Retraining

    To stay up-to-date with our rapidly growing systems and procedures, long-term caregivers who have worked with us are invited back for retraining to refresh their skills and realign with our initiatives and standards.

2) What Is The Caregiver Hiring Process

Joan* came to Nurse Next Door, looking for an elderly caregiver for her Uncle, who needed part-time in-home care to accomplish errands such as grocery shopping and making meals. Although the tasks did not call for a medically trained professional, Joan’s weariness stemmed from the fear of having a “stranger” in her Uncle’s home.

Joan’s nerves settled when a care service specialist explained the extensive hiring process, including face-to-face interviews, references, criminal record checks, and a dynamic onboarding process. Joan was relieved that her Uncle would be in good hands.

Nurse Next Door Caregiver, Pink Car

At Nurse Next Door, we go above and beyond regarding our hiring process. Your family members deserve the best.

That’s why Nurse Next Door’s Perfect Match program ensures that Mom or Dad is happy, comfortable, and receives the quality of care they deserve from someone they jive with.

All our in-home caregivers are carefully screened, interviewed, and selected for their experience and passion for making a difference.

Learn more about Nurse Next Door’s in-home caregivers.

3) Continuity of Service

When Fred* first called Nurse Next Door, his voice had the heavy tone of someone exhausted and burning their candle at both ends. He had hired an independent caregiver to care for his father but was constantly working to fill in when the independent caregiver was sick or required a day off.

After deciding to switch to Nurse Next Door, he recognized that not only did his father adore his new regular in-home caregiver, but he also received the proper backup care from a team of people. From the Care Designer, the care services center, and the substitute caregivers who would step in occasionally, Fred finally felt relieved that his father was well taken care of.

Nurse Next Door ensures that a team member will be available for you or a family member when you need it – no matter who calls in sick. If you need to change the schedule or require immediate care, our Care Team is available 24/7 to take your call. If your in-home caregiver is unavailable for some reason, we’ll quickly find another good match to step in.

4) Budget

Budget and cost are something to consider before hiring for in-home care. Different agencies and home care providers charge different rates for varying levels of caregivers – depending on the type of agency. Independent caregivers also have different rates and policies – with their independent caregiver contract. Ensure you and your family members understand your options, the agency’s rates, how many hours you can afford, and overtime costs before hiring a caregiver.

Read our latest article on Nurse Next Door’s Caring Blog on How Much Does Senior In-Home Care Cost? 

The article covers:

  • The cost of care: personal caregiving
  • The cost of care: home health aides
  • The cost of care: home nursing care
  • The cost of care (alternatives): assisted living and nursing homes

5) Frequency of In-Home Care

Susan* realized her mother needed extra help around the house after a scary fall. Her mother was adamant that she didn’t need additional support and could continue doing all the chores independently. Susan was worried about her mother going forward – especially when her worrisome imagination took hold, where she imagined her mother falling down the stairs and injuring herself. Susan knew she had to put these thoughts to rest and do something to support her mother. She contacted a care provider for help. When they asked Susan how often her mother needed an in-home caregiver to come in, Susan didn’t know.

At Nurse Next Door, our Care Team can assist anyone with determining the frequency of care based on their circumstance or care requirements. One of our specialists will be able to meet with you and your family member one-on-one to provide a proper assessment and recommend the best option going forward.

Many home care agencies, including Nurse Next Door, can also offer ongoing in-home care with the same caregiver and offer flexibility by scheduling regular caregivers who meet varied shift times.

Nurse Next Door caregiver.

How to Hire Caregivers

Hiring an independent caregiver can be challenging and time-consuming for most families. The list can go on from publishing the job posting on various job boards, interviewing, conducting reference and background checks, writing up contracts for an independent contractor, etc.

Nurse Next Door has done all the leg work for you, so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect caregiver for Mom or Dad. Our Care Team will match your loved one with the right caregiver who shares similar values – and even can speak their native tongue if that is something you wish for your elderly parent.

Nurse Next Door will do whatever it takes to bring peace of mind to families and clients.

For more information on how to hire a caregiver for in-home help, we’ve simplified the process HERE.

From daily grocery shopping, meal preparation, transportation, and walks in the park to medication reminders and companionship, our caregivers make it possible for seniors to live in their own homes. It’s about caring, not just healthcare™.

What our amazing clients are saying about Nurse Next Door:

“Nurse Next Door was immensely helpful when my mother was unexpectedly admitted into the hospital. After another company canceled the scheduled caregiver last minute, Nurse Next Door stepped in with just two hours notice. Whenever I needed them they were there. Everyone I spoke with was extremely patient and helpful during a stressful time. It was so comforting to know that help was literally a phone call away. It helped my family immensely. Thank you!!”Cindy K.

“As a current university student, working for Nurse Next Door Toronto has contributed to my professional growth. New learning opportunities, flexible hours, and supportive management makes Nurse Next Door Toronto a great workplace for current and aspiring healthcare professionals!”Euchelle M.


Are you a kind, caring individual who wants to make a difference in the life of a senior? We’re more than just home care; we provide companionship and dependability. Visit our Career Page to work with Nurse Next Door!


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