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It’s commonly accepted that the vast majority of people want to stay at home as they age. In fact, according to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), 89% of people age 50 and older said they would prefer to remain in their home indefinitely as they age. Unfortunately, for families researching how to make this possible for their aging loved ones, the process can be overwhelming. Finding the right, helpful information when looking for care for aging parents can be very difficult in a sea of providers. One of the most common questions, if not the most common question, we hear almost every day is, “how much does private duty, senior home care cost?” It’s the most natural question in the world. Whether we’re looking for care for ourselves or those we love, the financial impact certainly has to be considered.

Costs may vary depending on the level of care required as well as your location.

Pricing for a certified caregiver costs up to $38 an hour. We recommend that you give us a call so that we can provide you with a quote for your location and you can book your complimentary Caring Consult with one of our expert Care Designers. During the Caring Consult, the Care Designer will work with you to develop a care plan based on your needs.

Unfortunately, this is one of the most elusive questions to have answered directly when researching senior care in part because cost is very much dependent on each situation. Each particular client can have a variety of needs and the cost depends on that situation. Unfortunately, this has created the myth that in-home care is expensive. In fact, we work to deliver an affordable, flexible solution that can work within virtually any budget.

While most families think their parent will need full-time care, that is rarely the case. The vast majority of our clients receive a few hours of care per day, a few days per week – when they need it. A flexible solution that provides care only when clients need it helps keep in-home care services affordable – in many cases even more affordable than private facilities. In fact, home care clients of Nurse Next Door can have professional, supportive care in their own homes for less than $100 per week. To give you a better idea, here are a few typical scenarios and the customized solutions we’ve been able to create. Of course, names have been changed (we value privacy!).

Scenario 1 – Mr. & Mrs. Klein

How much does in home care cost?

Mr. & Mrs. Klein have lived in the same home for the last 30 years. They have managed on their own quite well but a few months ago, Mr. Klein had a fall. Mrs. Klein had to take over more of the daily chores and the couple gave up their regular walks to the park as they were afraid Mr. Klein might fall again.

The couple now has a caregiver, Linda, from Nurse Next Door come in twice a week for three hour visits. On one visit each week she’ll take care of the laundry, cleaning and other household chores Mr. & Mrs. Klein were struggling with. On the other, she takes care of the weekly grocery shopping before taking the couple on a walk together. She’s able to provide Mr. Klein a little added support while walking and of course provides Mrs. Klein peace of mind.

Solution: 3 hours / day, 2 visits / week

Approximate cost: $550 / month

Scenario 2 – Mrs. Malone

Senior Day Care Costs - Affordable Senior Home Care

Mrs. Malone is 81 years old, and as she has grown older, she has struggled with the mobility of her hands. Doing simple things like buttoning up her blouse, or bathing has become a more difficult task. A caregiver is hired to help her bathe, get dressed, and even put her favorite earrings on – she still loves looking great! Other visits consist of taking Mrs. Malone grocery shopping, to her appointments, cooking delicious meals together, and setting up her pill box for the week, to ensure she remembers to take her medications.

Solution: 4 hours / day, 3 visits / week

Approximate cost: $1500 / month

Scenario 3 – Mr. Brown

The Cost of In Home Senior Care

Mr. Brown has ALS and was paralyzed from the waist down at the time he first became a Nurse Next Door client. Caregivers focused on personal care and assisting Mr. Brown on outings and getting to appointments. As his condition advanced, and his paralysis moved up his body, a Tracheotomy procedure was required, and the tasks to take care of Mr. Brown changed. The caregivers all attended training provided and funded internally by Nurse Next Door, in order to know how to effectively use the instruments necessary to care for Mr. Brown, to service his required needs. Luckily, in doing this, he is able stay in his home, as he has wanted.

Solution: 7 hours / day, 5 visits / week

Approximate cost: $4000 / month


Of course included in each of these solutions are some tremendously valuable benefits including a Perfect Match caregiver, care management by an experience Care Designer as well as around-the-clock access to a team of specialists who can help families when emergencies arise.

Our services page outlines more of what each level of service covers. Typically, our clients only need our first level of care as they begin to age, as a preventative measure before something happens or conditions worsen. Our Care Designers find a Perfect Match caregiver for each client based on not only their clinical needs, but also their passions, interests and hobbies. Need someone who can speaks Italian and loves the opera? No problem! We then create customized care plans that help keep our clients at home and provide caregiving family members peace of mind.

If these home care services sound like they could help your loved one live at home longer, we’d love to set up a FREE Caring Consult™ to build a senior home care plan catered to your needs and your budget.

Give us a call toll-free at +1(877) 588-8609 to get started!

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