7 Holiday Gifts For Seniors

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Sentiments of cheer and goodwill are certainly heart warmers at this time of year, but how about ways to literally give the gift of warmth? The team at Nurse Next Door Delaware put on their (warm) thinking caps to come up with gift ideas to help friends and family stay warm; some will even battle the aches and pains that can worsen in colder months. Happy holiday gifting!

Cozy Slippers and Heated Slippers

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Give some toe-tickling comfort! Whether it be wool-lined or fluffy slippers, be sure to keep an eye out for non-slip soles to maximize comfort, warmth and safety. You can also consider heated slippers. They can bring increased circulation and soothing relief to achy feet. Unlike socks, these slippers have flexible rubber soles, so you’re less likely to slip. And they can be worn indoor or outdoor, perfect for a dash to the mailbox.


Chair Yoga


Achy joints? Stiff knees? While it’s important for everyone to be active, it’s even more so for people who suffer from arthritis. Cold weather can hamper exercise routines, so having options for indoor activity is key. Give the gift of gentle movement and stretching. Chair yoga is a gentle way to warm up muscles and fend off stiffness. Check out 5 Chair Yoga DVDs developed for seniors. With the convenience of DVDs, these exercises can be done any time of day within the comfort of home-sweet-home. Namaste.


Warm Meals

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Cooking can become more difficult as we age, especially if you use a walker or can’t stand for long periods of time. Buy a slow cooker or dust off the one from the cupboard and introduce your loved one to some new recipes. Offer to help with grocery shopping and meal prep or ask your home health aide for assistance. Consider a meal delivery service as a great holiday gift, or connect with your local Meals on Wheels program to be sure nutritious and warm meals are a staple.

Arthritis Gloves

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They’re basically fingertip-less gloves that you can wear indoors as you go about your daily activities. They provide mild compression for warmth and help promote circulation. 5 top-rated brands are here for your perusal. Take them off only to wash your hands!

Reusable Wool Dryer Balls and Essential Oils

Bundle up some reusable wool dryer balls and essential oils with the suggestion that they be used any day of the week, not just on laundry day. Warm up blankets or sweaters for a few minutes in the dryer with this dynamic duo before wearing. The soothing warmth and relaxing, all-natural scent will chase away any winter chill. Dryer balls are a cost-saving alternative to dryer sheets, so they’re a holiday gift that will keep on giving throughout the year.

Check out some essential oils recommended for seniors here.


Not-Your-Everyday Blankets

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Sure, a blanket seems like such an obvious holiday gift but we have three that stand out in our book:

Cabeau Fold ‘n Go Travel and Throw Blanket Plus Compact Case – Besides being so soft and plush, this blanket folds into a convenient carrying case for easy travel. Attach a carabiner to the handle and it’s ready to be attached to a walker. While the blanket is in the case you can also use it as a pillow, seat cushion, or lower back and lumbar support.

Heated Throws – For those times that call for total body warmth, turn on an electric heated throw and snuggle in with a movie or a good book. Today’s heated throws come in so many styles and colors that it’s easy to match them to any décor.

Custom Photo Blankets – These blankets do double duty, warming hearts as they warm bodies. Family pictures, a family tree, or a family name are just some of the ideas to have imprinted on a blanket. Look for them at retailers such as Costco, Walmart or Shutterfly.


Heating Pads

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The options for heating pads are many–disposable, microwaveable, and electric. When that deep ache sets in, have the perfect one on hand.  ThermaCare disposable heating pads are great for those hard-to-reach spots and an adhesive keeps them in place. Microwaveable ones offer unlimited number of uses and many can be worn while you move through your day. We like the ones with velcro straps, like this lumbar and abdomen one or this one for your wrist. And don’t rule out an electric heating pad. In addition to the flat style (great for backs), they also come in a variety of designs for different body parts. Side note: We always encourage our clients to take advantage of the time with an electric heating pad to elevate their feet to help maintain positive blood and lymph flow!

From all of us at Nurse Next Door, we wish you warmth and happiness this holiday season!

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