5 Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner.

We had previously curated some gift ideas for Father’s Day and the holidays that are great for our aging loved ones. Today, we are specifically sharing ideas for gifts that would put a smile on Mom’s face on Mother’s Day that celebrates how amazing she is and for everything she’s done for us!

Take Mom Out To Get Pampered

mother's day

A mani-pedi date, a facial or getting a hair treatment at the salon—or even all of it! It allows the both of you to get out of the house and have change of pace and scenery. 

If you’re getting manicures and pedicures, be sure to ask if you can add on paraffin treatment for Mom. It provides relief for arthritis and moisturizes the skin tremendously.

You can also do a fun DIY spa date at home, here are some great homemade face mask recipes you can find in the vicinity of Mom’s kitchen.

Being able to sit down with Mom and chat, getting quality face to face time while feeling completely relaxed and pampered like a queen (or king) is quite the treat!

A Citrus Plant in a Pretty Pot


Having some greenery around the house always lifts the spirit. Especially when this plant, in particular, can be used as fresh ingredients in food, such as a spritz of citrus in a salad or a dash in tea straight from the pot.

You can find decorative planters that are trendy and stylish at stores like Marshalls or Winners. Think about what Mom’s favorite colours are, or even favorite animal—often times there might be quirky-shaped pots that puts a smile on people’s faces!

If Mom is a greenthumb, get her a gardening kit for citrus and a nice planter to spruce up the living space. Here are 8 simple steps to growing citrus!

Enjoy Some Divine Wine

mother's day

Does Mom enjoy reading a book with a glass of wine in the evenings? She sure knows how to enjoy life!

A big reason for people to refrain from drinking are the hangovers or headaches one might get from the wine. Sulfites are a by-product of the fermentation process and exists in all wine since the beginning of time. Some winemakers might add more sulfites for preservation purposes and to prevent oxidation.

Thankfully some gadgets have been invented to filter most of these sediments in wine and could potentially help with alleviating headaches and allow enjoyment of a purer wine. This could come in handy not only as a Mother’s Day gift, but will prove useful for all Sunday night dinners with the family!

Check out Ullo, a wine purifier or the top recommended wine aerators!


Lighten Up Her Day—Literally

It’s the age of technology and we definitely want to highlight some tech items that enhance wellness. Light therapy has been shown to alleviate Seasonal Affective Disorder, sleep disorders and dementia and other conditions.

Our previous article recommended light therapy devices for alleviating senior depression, but for a Mother’s Day gift, we recommend a sunlight alarm clock. Instead of being woken up by the traditional, blaring alarm clock, why not be waken up gradually with light that illuminates by mimicking a sunrise? It lifts you out of your slumber naturally as if you fell asleep outside! This allows one to awake in a much more relaxing way.

Philips’ Somneo Sleep and Wake Up Clock is a popular light alarm clock.


Custom Photo Frames


A memorable gift that will be cherished by Mom are definitely photos of the family! Spend some time to sit down with the family and pick through photo albums from childhood up until the latest photos you’ve taken from your smartphone and choose a few favorites that everyone agrees Mom would love. Choose a photo medium that best tickles Mom’s fancy when it comes to interior design!

Bonus tip: Print off the other favorite photos and print them into a photobook and flip through it with Mom, reminiscing through great memories and laugh at photos when you’re a kid!

Companies like CanvasPop and Shutterfly supersize, print and ship the photos you picked out to you on canvases! Options like collages, triptych prints or frames are available and it’s a great present that might cause some happy tears. Not to mention it can also be quite a centrepiece! 


Nurse Next Door wishes all the mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day! 

At Nurse Next Door, we celebrate seniors!

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