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Valentine’s Day is rolling around the corner, but it’s no harm to make every day a little special and sprinkle in some romance every single day! Some couples set mandatory, scheduled date nights for the two of them to focus on each other on a weekly or monthly basis. It applies to couples of any age.

Today, we came up with some date night ideas with seniors in mind.

Whether you’ve been with your partner for 50 years or maybe you met a new partner from online dating, these are simple ideas to spruce things up! You can do this as a couple, or sometimes it’s the more the merrier–do a double date or even triple date with friends!

Foodies Date

Of course, we were going to talk about a classic dinner date! How do we change it up though? With so many new restaurants popping up, we’re seeing that people are being more experimental with food, creating and offering eclectic, health-conscious tasty dishes. 

We always have our favorite go-to restaurants and places to order delivery from (orange chicken and chow mein, anyone?), but we recommend trying something new!

Maybe the new plant-based vegan restaurant down the block, a new cuisine you’ve never tasted before (Korean, Ethiopian, Taiwanese, fusion)?


You might love it, you might hate it. With your date, play pretend and be curious foodies. Be adventurous, pretend you’re one of the celebrity chefs on the Food Network, describing the tastes and textures to your date before you try each other’s dish.

It’s a great way to support local businesses and also to explore the community. Eat, drink and be merry! 

Learn Something New Together

Sign up for a class together! Look into your local community center for sports classes such as ping-pong or chair yoga. Activities like clay wheeling are hands-on and allow creative juices to flow, which actually encourages relaxation.

Look and see if your city offers events like PaintNite. These are events typically hosted at a local restaurant or bar and your admission includes a drink and all the supplies you need to create a piece of art (can be a painting or a terrarium) taught by an instructor. 

Note: This would be a fun activity to do as a double date! 

The instructor will walk you through every single step of the way. Each night will be based on a different piece of art/painting so you can pick and choose which one you and your partner are most interested in. Sip away as you laugh and make art, at the end, take a picture holding your own art and spot the unique differences. 

Take a look at PaintNite in action:


Be sure to check out Groupon for discounts on activities in your local area!

Afternoon Tea

A date is a date and technically it doesn’t have to be at night.

Why not be spontaneous and go out in the afternoon? Not entirely spontaneous, as some high tea cafes require a reservation as the exquisite finger-size sandwiches and treats are limited.

Dress up in your fanciest dress or suit, and enjoy the afternoon together, sipping on nicely steeped tea and eating light, delicate snacks together.

Products like TapleTopics is a fun idea to bring along, where you can put your phones away and draw on thought-provoking topics, taking turns answering them! See if you can learn even more about your partner!

Netflix and Chill

If you want to have a simple, lazy night in, the obvious answer is, well, Netflix and Chill. It may or may not end up in a make-out session, but it’s an effortless way to spend time together on the couch cuddling.

Whether it’s selecting a movie to watch for the weekday night or a show to binge-watch over the weekend, popcorn and wine are fun staples to have. Put on some cozy socks, snuggle up with each other and enjoy!

Here are 100 best tv shows on Netflix with their summaries in alphabetical order.

Sexy Time

Intimacy fosters the feeling of closeness, connection and is beneficial for general well-being. So if you’re thinking of getting it on after some nice quality time together, go for it! We’ve covered quite a few blog articles on senior sexual wellness:

Music Concert

Always keep an eye out for artisits and musicians coming to town. Whether it’s a new band or legnedary icons like Paul McCartney, Roger Waters etc on tour, it could be a great time.

Not to mention, listening to music results in the release of endorphins in your brain, which gives you a sense of excitement and also calms anxiety.

Imagine an arena of 50,000 people singing “Hey Jude” along with one of the Beatles, can’t beat that!

If it’s loud, consider getting protection for your ears to avoid noise damage. Here are some of the best rated earplugs to enhance your concert experience.

Rock out!

Check out Nick and Emma, a married couple of 40 years dance their butts off at a Ludacris concert!


Doing what you love with those you love, no matter what age— this is a perfect example of Happier Aging in action!

Sprinkle Magic

Speaking of Happier Aging, romance and joy aren’t limited to age. Perhaps there are limitations to space, health or budget, but it doesn’t mean you can’t sprinkle love into every day little details. If it’s more challenging to go out, try and host the fun date night at home! Aside from a simple Netflix and chill, consider surprising your partner with perhaps a theme party. Brainstorm and even collaborate with family or friends to make it happen! We would love to share a story from Nurse Next Door and how we brought happiness and magic to one of our beloved clients near the end of his life.

When Nurse Next Door’s team met Reginald, our Caregivers immediately fell in love with his wonderful sense of humor and love for his family. He referred to his wife, Jean, as his beautiful bride — even after 67 years of marriage. As a young man, Reginald served in WW2 in the Pacific, stationed for a while in Hawaii. He fell in love with the people, customs, food and beauty that surrounded him on those islands. 

After the War, Reginald returned to the United States, Jean became his wife and they had three children. For years, he worked more than one job at a time to provide for his family and put his children through the best schools and colleges.

When Nurse Next Door met Reginald, he had end-stage congestive heart failure. Nurse Next Door provided him with around-the-clock care to help him and his family navigate the disease process. 

While spending many late nights awake talking with Caregivers, he would express his one and only regret in life. He wished he had brought Jean and his children to Hawaii to experience the beauty he had once lived. This inspired Nurse Next Door Caregivers with a wonderful idea — they planned a surprise Lu-au party. One the day of the surprise, while Jean slept in the bedroom, the Caregivers sprang into action. Reginald and his daughter looked on in wonderment as the team set-up palm trees and island posters. There were delicious treats such as pineapples, strawberries, punch and upside-down pineapple cake. There was also Hawaiian music and flowery leis to set the mood. 

When Jean awoke, she thought something might be wrong. She rushed out to see Reginald and the moment was sprung. Reginald and his wife, Jean, held hands and laughed. They ate and they drank punch. The party lasted quite a while — much joy was had by all. Reginald hadn’t eaten anything for several days prior but he found his appetite. He ate, drank punch and offered a toast to his beautiful bride. After the Lu-au, Reginald lived for almost two weeks. He wasn’t very strong for those days, but he talked every day, until his last, about the wonderful Hawaiian trip he got to experience with his family.


Hope these ideas gave you some inspiration to get out (or stay in) and spend some quality time with your beloved. Remember, love is in the details.

Nurse Next Door wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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