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Many folks see happiness as a feeling that comes and goes, and is hard to hold onto. But happiness isn’t just a feeling that comes and goes. It’s a key part of life that brings fulfillment and joy, especially as we grow older. As we age, we face new challenges, and keeping a positive mindset becomes a vital part of staying healthy and happy in our later years.

At Nurse Next Door, our guiding principle is what we call Happier Aging™. This philosophy gives a lot of importance to mental health, because we know it’s closely tied to how happy we feel overall. By understanding and valuing this connection, we’re working hard to help older adults find and hold onto joy in their lives, building a strong sense of belonging and satisfaction.

Our Happier Aging™ philosophy doesn’t just follow the usual four pillars of happiness, which often only look at things on the outside. Instead, we focus on each person’s own needs, wants, and strengths, helping our clients find their own unique path to happiness.

To truly appreciate the transformative impact of our Happier Aging™ philosophy and how it intertwines with the traditional four pillars of happiness, we invite you to delve deeper into our Happier Aging™ approach.

The Four Pillars of Happiness: A General Perspective

Psychology has provided us with valuable insights into the nature of happiness. Among the various theories and perspectives, the concept of four key principles, or pillars, stands out as a widely accepted framework for understanding and achieving happiness. These four pillars are positive emotion, engagement, relationships, and meaningful experiences.

The First Pillar, Feeling Good: It’s More Than Just Being Happy

Elderly woman and skip rope

The first pillar is all about feeling good, but it’s about more than just being happy. It’s about finding joy in simple everyday moments and having a positive way of thinking.

Studies show that older adults who choose to focus on good feelings can enjoy a lot of benefits. This includes better physical health, less stress, and an overall better feeling of wellness. By doing simple things like practicing thankfulness, paying attention to the present moment, and enjoying now, seniors can boost their good feelings and live more satisfying lives.

At Nurse Next Door, we know how important it is to have good feelings as we age. Our goal is to help seniors welcome positivity and find joy in small things. Through care and support that is tailored to each person, we make it possible for seniors to take part in activities that bring them joy and help them form meaningful connections. By encouraging good feelings, we’re working hard to improve seniors’ quality of life and make the aging journey more rewarding.

The Second Pillar, Engagement: Diving Deep into What You Love

The second pillar of happiness for older adults is engagement. This means really getting into activities that are fun and make the hours fly by. This feeling of being totally absorbed in what you’re doing is often called being in the flow.

At Nurse Next Door, we encourage seniors to find their flow by doing things they truly enjoy. Diving into activities they love brings more joy and happiness into their lives. Here are a few examples of activities that can help seniors find their flow:

  • Gardening: Caring for plants and watching them bloom.
  • Dancing: Feeling the beat of the music and expressing yourself through dance moves.
  • Playing Music: Playing a tune on an instrument and making beautiful music.
  • Writing: Putting your thoughts and feelings down, whether it’s in a diary, short stories, or poems.
  • Painting: Making colorful artwork with paint and brushes.

By getting into these activities, seniors can feel more fulfilled, connected, and happy in their lives. At Nurse Next Door, we believe in helping seniors enjoy life more through activities they love.

The Third Pillar, Relationships: Enjoying Life with Others

Elderly man gardening

As people, we all naturally need to connect with others. The third pillar of happiness, relationships, is all about that. Having strong friendships and close family gives us support, makes our lives better, and lets us share happy moments.

At Nurse Next Door, we think these relationships are very important. We make it a priority to help create strong bonds between our caregivers and seniors, and we encourage them to form connections that mean something. By sharing in each other’s happiness and making everyone feel they belong, we help to make life happier for our caregivers and the seniors they look after.

The Fourth Pillar, Doing Things that Matter: Having Meaningful Experiences

Caregiver with client

The fourth pillar of happiness, meaningful experiences, is about more than just having fun. It’s about spending time doing things that line up with our personal beliefs and make a positive difference.

Studies show that having meaningful experiences is really important for feeling happy and well, especially for older adults. According to a study in the Journal of Positive Psychology, seniors who regularly take part in meaningful activities are 30% less likely to feel down. These activities are personally important and give a sense of fulfillment and purpose. They can be anything from enjoying lifelong hobbies to volunteering for things that are close to their hearts.

At Nurse Next Door, we understand how important meaningful experiences are for seniors’ happiness. Through our commitment to our Happier Aging™ philosophy, we help and support seniors in finding and doing activities that are personally important. By encouraging a sense of purpose and fulfillment, we help seniors lead satisfying lives and find real happiness. Together, we can make the journey of aging more meaningful and joyful.

Discover more about our Five Principles and how we create a comprehensive approach to happiness.

Case Study: Happier Aging™ in Action

At Nurse Next Door, we do more than just provide care. We work hard to improve lives and bring joy to seniors. A touching story about one of our clients demonstrates how well our clients and their families respond to the Happier Aging™ approach.


The client, a dear gentleman struggling with dementia and the loss of his wife, found comfort, support, and companionship through our team. Lisa Lyles, one of our caring team members, understood his situation and matched him with caregivers who were a good fit for his personality and needs.

Among these caregivers were Tammy and Fonda, who became more than just caregivers. They transformed into trusted companions and integral parts of his life. Tammy eased into his world, taking on everyday tasks such as cooking, organizing his home, and managing his medications. This allowed the family to transition from caretakers back to loved ones.

Tammy Caregiver Nurse Next Door

Fonda worked nights, making sure he was safe and comfortable, and gave him helpful advice to make his life better. Their kind care allowed him to keep his dignity and feel independent. This heartwarming story shows our belief that “Our talent is caring,” and shows how we truly make a difference in the lives of seniors and their families.

For a deeper insight into this transformative journey, click to read this blog!

The Role of Caregivers in Promoting Happiness

Our caregivers are the heart of Nurse Next Door. They’re the ones who bring our Happier Aging™ philosophy to life, making our seniors’ days happier every single day. They do more than just provide physical care – they create an atmosphere of joy, respect, and understanding. They live by our Five Core Principles, and through these principles, they help our clients find the happiness and excitement that fuels their lives.

Admire People: Our caregivers start by showing deep respect for our clients. They look past age and health conditions and focus on the unique personality of each senior. Their respect helps build strong, respectful relationships that make seniors feel important and appreciated.

WOW Customer Experience: This principle is all about doing more than expected. Our caregivers don’t just meet seniors’ needs – they go further, creating surprising and delightful moments. Whether it’s joining seniors in their favorite hobbies or adding a special touch to daily routines, our caregivers aim to create a “WOW” moment in every interaction.

Find a Better Way: Our caregivers are always learning, improving, and thinking creatively. They’re always searching for better ways to provide care and improve seniors’ lives. Whether it’s discovering a new method to make a task easier or creating a personalized care plan, our caregivers are proactive problem solvers.

Passionate About Making a Difference: Making a positive change in someone’s life isn’t just a job for our caregivers – it’s their passion. They truly care about improving the lives of our clients, providing kind care that leaves a lasting impact.

Happier Aging™: The cornerstone of our philosophy, Happier Aging, is at the core of what our caregivers do. They aim to help seniors rediscover the joy, meaning, and passion in their lives, assisting them in reconnecting with interests, hobbies, and activities that make them truly happy.

Our dedicated caregivers work tirelessly to make Happier Aging™ a reality for our clients. Their unwavering dedication to these principles ensures that every interaction is filled with empathy, respect, and a genuine wish to improve the lives of seniors.

Conclusion: Reimagining Aging With Happiness

Nurse Next Door caregiver and client baking

At Nurse Next Door, we’re changing the conversation about aging with our unique Happier Aging™ philosophy. It’s about joy, fulfillment, and thriving, as shown in Robert and Jody’s heartening story.

Our caregivers, true ambassadors of our Five Core Principles, are making this new vision of aging a reality, one respectful and meaningful relationship at a time.

If you or your loved one requires home care services, we encourage you to consider Nurse Next Door. Our aim is not just to provide care, but to introduce more happiness into each day. Let’s start this journey towards Happier Aging™ together – get in touch with us today.

We appreciate your part in our Happier Aging™ movement. By standing together, we’re proving that aging and happiness aren’t just possible—they’re inseparable. Here’s to a world where every senior experiences the joy and fulfillment of Happier Aging™.

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