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When it comes to aging, Nurse Next Door believes in choice, autonomy and purpose.

We believe seniors can stay at home, even if it means getting a little help, because there’s no place like home.

Disrupting Aging Through Open Conversations

As our loved ones age, we are presented with a difficult decision that needs to be made – how do we ensure they receive the best care? If you ask anybody, the overwhelming majority of people would say they rather stay at home. We believe – and countless studies support this – that the vast majority of people never want to move out of their home and into a nursing home. This may be a controversial statement and it may be unpopular to say but it’s what we believe at Nurse Next Door.

We receive a number of calls on a daily basis from people who are overwhelmed because they or someone they know is in urgent need of care and they aren’t aware of the options they have. Elders are moving into assisted living facilities unaware of the choices they have that will allow them to be where they want to be – their home.

For these reasons, we’re taking this stance on home care. We’re going to be vocal. We’re going to be bold about it. We’re going to disrupt the industry. We feel it’s our responsibility to educate elders and their families that they can receive the care they need in the comfort of their home.

A Message from our President & CEO, Cathy Thorpe

Personal Story

As the writer of this blog, my mother made the decision to send her parents to an assisted living facility once their care needs exceeded what she could provide. For the longest time, my grandparents didn’t show any signs of decline so when my grandpa suffered a stroke and my grandma’s physical pain from her bicycle accident years prior resurfaced, my mother turned to assisted living because she thought it was the only choice she had. Throughout her time there, my grandma would often express how she wanted to go back home – a place where all her memories that brought her joy existed. The most heartbreaking moment came when my mother offered to take my grandma back to visit her home for a day and she refused out of fear she wouldn’t be able to leave it again. Had my mother known about the possibility of keeping her parents at home, this would have been the ideal situation – she would have had peace of mind and her parents would have remained happy in their home.

Starting the Conversation

We often look at home care in regards to our aging parents or loved ones. However, what we tend to overlook is that it isn’t only applicable to them. Where do you want to live when you get older? I know that I want to stay in my home and I’m certain the majority of you do as well. Our mission at Nurse Next Door is to provide accessible quality care so this can happen and conversations can start about this before it’s too late. We make staying at home a priority for the following reasons:

It’s Safe

  • With home care, you’ll receive individualized one-on-one care that ensures your loved one is being looked after at all times. Whether it is help throughout the day or supervision during the night, you’ll get peace of mind that he or she is receiving quality care. This is how we hire qualified Caregivers and if you’re exploring options whether to go with an agency or private caregiver, be sure to do enough research and comparison!

It’s Cost-Effective

  • People rarely need 24/7 care and the ability to choose when and how long you need help is ideal. Hiring home care can be a cheaper alternative to assisted living because you are able to decide how many hours a week you need. Wondering about the cost of home care?

Happier Aging™

  • Our unique Happier Aging™ philosophy is dedicated to getting loved ones back to doing what they used to love to do is always at the forefront of our care. Memories and activities often relate to an individual’s experience in their home so our goal is to keep clients there to stay comfortable at home.

As the senior population continues to grow rapidly, we are at a pivotal point in determining how we will care for them, and this is the discussion we need to have.

At Nurse Next Door, we believe you can stay at home.

To learn more about how we can support you, check out our services!

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  • Carolyn May 3, 2016

    While I believe that non medical inhome care is definitely a wonderful option for seniors, I think this article distorts the reality of assisted living. I have worked in the senior care business for the last 13 years. The first 9 years were in the non medical inhome care business. 4 years ago, I moved to a company that offered both the non medical care option and also the assisted living placement option. What I have learned is that once your senior loved one is to a place where they need help getting up, getting ready, fixing meals, etc., they are beginning to give up on life because “it’s too hard”. Of course their natural reaction is to stay in their home because 1) it’s their comfort zone and 2) assisted livings have the mental picture of a nursing home. Even this article first mentions nursing home for that initial picture then switches to talk about assisted living. A move to an assisted living can open a whole new wonderful world for a senior. They get an apartment furnished with there own furniture. They can hang familiar pictures and clocks on the walls. In most cases, they get a very large bathroom that is equipped just for seniors and their aging needs. This aspect alone makes a senior life much easier and safer. Meals will be cooked for them, cleaned up after them, apartment cleaned and tidied for them, laundry done for them, on and on. But the most wonderful thing is, unlike living all alone, stuck in their own home, waiting and waiting for someone to visit be a family member or a caregiver, in an assisted living there is always friends right outside their door and loads of fun activities to exercise the brain and memory. Basically, just a better quality of life. In home non medical care can be a Godsend, but by no means is assisted living ever a bad thing.

    • Reply from May 4, 2016

      Hi Carolyn,
      Thank you for your discussion around this topic and the work you do in the home care industry. Our goal is to educate elders and families that they have a choice to stay at home if they want to. From the thousands of calls we receive on a daily basis, it’s clear that this is the overwhelming choice for the majority of people and they’re unaware this is possible. From the beginning, we’ve believed in possibility – possibility that you can stay at your home if you want to.

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