2023 Recipients of the Bold Dreams & Bold Goals Awards

Nurse Next Door

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At Nurse Next Door, we are passionate about showcasing our exceptional caregivers who make a difference in the lives of those we serve. Our caregivers are at the heart of our Bold Kind organization. Through their unwavering dedication and heartfelt compassion, our caregiver team members significantly elevate the quality of life for individuals in countless communities across North America, Australia, and soon to be extended to the United Kingdom—making lives better every single day.

The Bold Dreams and Bold Goals Program

As part of our ongoing Caregiving as a Career Initiative, we are thrilled to announce the winners of our annual Bold Dreams and Bold Goals Awards Program. This initiative graciously awards $1,000 each to 10 exceptional Nurse Next Door Caregivers, empowering them to realize their most bold dreams.

Nurse Next Door Caregivers from all over North America shared their aspirations with us, and we were blown away by their ambition and passion. It wasn’t easy to select just 10 winners, but we are excited to share the inspiring stories of this year’s recipients.

Winners of the 2023 Bold Dreams and Bold Goals!

Lenie: White Rock, BC

Nurse Next Door Caregiver Lenie

Lenie is a single mom whose dream is to own a car to support her in driving to her client’s homes and driving her family so they don’t need to rely on public transportation.

$1000 will go towards her car savings, and to top this off, White Rock is matching this $1000 award!

Noevie: Edmonton, AB

Nurse Next Door Caregiver Noevie


Noevie’s dream is to see her boys (ages 8 and 12), whom she hasn’t seen since the pandemic started in 2020. Noevie can’t wait to spend time with her boys!

$1000 will go towards her plane ticket.

Darlene: Brantford, ON

Nurse Next Door Caregiver Darlene

Darlene’s dream is to facilitate a “Death Cafe” service to assist clients and their loved ones as they navigate this process.

$1000 will go towards her education and a private space where people can share their experiences and stories involving grief and dying.

Stephanie: Dallas Fort Worth, TX (North)

Nurse Next Door Caregiver Stephanie


As someone with an autoimmune disorder, Stephanie’s dream is to help others in her role as a CNA. Stephanie’s long-term goal is to become an RN in rheumatology or Arthritis specialties.

$1000 will go towards completing her LVN/RN Program.

Gabriel: Ottawa, ON

Nurse Next Door Caregiver Gabriel


Gabriel and his wife Vivian both work with Nurse Next Door Ottawa! Gabriel’s dream is to support widows and single mothers in Nigeria. He is passionate about helping this sector because of his mother’s sacrifices to support him and his sister.

$1000 will go towards 10 widows and single mothers in Nigeria.

Jenia: Vancouver, BC

Nurse Next Door Caregiver Jenia

Jenia came to Canada from Ukraine just five months ago. Her dream is to improve her English language skills and ultimately complete her education as a physician in Ukraine.

$1000 will go towards her education.

Jayomi: Kamloops, BC

Nurse Next Door Caregiver Jayomi

In the spirit of her grandparents, who raised her and her brother, Jayomi’s dream is to bring happiness to seniors across the globe.

$1000 will go towards 50 seniors in Sri Lanka by purchasing nutrition and personal hygiene products on their behalf.

Hailey: Oakville, ON

Nurse Next Door Caregiver Hailey


Hailey is a dedicated caregiver at Nurse Next Door, and her dream is to become a registered practical nurse while continuing to provide exceptional care to her clients. She is passionate about creating a positive and comfortable experience for everyone she serves and wants to further her education to give dignity and compassion to her clients.

Hailey plans to use the $1000 to support her education.

Boots: Scottsdale, AZ

Nurse Next Door Caregiver Boots


Boots had always had a strong desire to become a nurse, which started when she was a child growing up in the Philippines. As one of 10 children, Boots worked hard to pursue her dream of a career in healthcare. She is now living in the United States and plans to become a registered nurse.

The $1000 will help Boots pay for her education and obtain the necessary licenses to pursue her career goals.

Candace: Sugarland, TX

Nurse Next Door Caregiver Candace

Candace has gone through a lot in the past few years, relocating from Iowa to Texas to care for her child, who tragically passed away in March 2022. She has also faced her own health issues. Despite these challenges, Candace remains determined to create a better future for herself and her family. Her goal is to live in the home of her dreams, cancer-free, with her loved ones.

Candace plans to use the $1000 to save for her new home.

To Wrap Up

We deeply appreciate your interest in our Bold Dreams and Bold Goals program, and we’re thrilled to highlight the remarkable caregivers who are transforming lives on a daily basis. Infused with love and dedication, we are honored to provide our caregivers, and indeed all caregiving professionals, with the resources and support they require to lead joyful and fulfilling lives. It is our firm belief that not only do our clients merit unparalleled care, but the compassionate caregivers delivering that care deserve the same exceptional support, each and every day.

If you feel inspired to support these caregivers in their initiatives, please email marketing@nursenextdoor.com. We are happy to facilitate any ideas or contributions that will help further these caregivers’ Bold Dreams and Bold Goals!

If you’re a caregiver or aspire to be one, join our team! Let’s make a difference together.

Visit Nurse Next Door’s career page to learn about flexible hours, competitive pay, training, and growth opportunities, as well as our People Promise!


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