How to Care for an Elderly Parent Who Doesn’t Live With You

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When you have an aging parent who lives across the city, the country or the world, it can be stressful trying to keep in touch. Are they doing okay? Do they need help? Are they lonely? If you’ve ever moved away from your hometown, you may start to understand how Mom or Dad might have felt at that time.

However, they may now need more help than you did. How do you support an aging parent when you don’t live nearby? The good news: you can still care for them from wherever you are.

Schedule Regular Visits

Depending on how far away you live, try to schedule regular visits. If you’re in the same city, try to see them a few times a month. Schedule an event the same day every week so it’s easy for them (and you) to remember.

It’s a great time to help Mom or Dad clean the house, organize belongings and medications, and keep them company. Play board or card games, watch movies, go for walks, and whatever you can do to keep minds sharp and bodies as active as possible.

Check-in Remotely

You can’t always be there in person, but you can always support them in other ways. Call Mom or Dad regularly, send them informative emails (even if they’re just family updates), and set up a video chat whenever possible.

If they aren’t tech savvy, teach them how to use tools like Skype or Facetime the next time you visit—or have someone else walk them through it and leave instructions if necessary.

Check out some technology trends that are great for seniors!

Send Them Letters or Gifts

Sometimes, a token of appreciation is a moving way to show you care. Feeling loved can result in better health. Research has shown that chronic loneliness and depression can result in high blood pressure, a weaker immune system, and increased cortisol (a stress hormone) in seniors. Let Mom or Dad know you’re thinking about them by sending handwritten letters, flowers, and other gifts. It might make a world of difference.

Hire a Caregiver 

It’s okay if you can’t be there all the time. Hiring a caregiver from a home care company can be a good option for your family—especially if they want to age comfortably at home. At Nurse Next Door, our caregivers can come in as often as needed, providing physical support like helping with daily chores, grocery shopping and personal hygiene, and mental support like reminders and companionship. Nurse Next Door lets your parents keep living their lives. It’s perfectly normal to worry about your senior parents. But there are many ways you can care for them, no matter where they live.

Mom or Dad might have different needs, whether it’s simply getting a little help around the house to tidy up and have someone to play cards with, or needing some assistance with medication reminders and more. Choosing the right caregiver can truly make a difference not only in your loved one’s life but yours as well. This way when you visit them, you can focus on enjoying time together instead of focusing on caregiving tasks! Having a trustworthy, bonded, licensed and insured caregiver providing care for Mom or Dad can bring you peace of mind.

Take a look at what Nurse Next Door’s clients and their family members have to say about having home care support:

Check out the range of services Nurse Next Door can surpport Mom or Dad with and give you peace of mind. Call us toll free at +1(877) 588-8609!

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