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Ask Anne Articles

Whoops! I Need To Go Again

Urinary incontinence can occur at any age for any number of reasons. Why is incontinence so embarrassing? People often suffer through their incontinence without seeking help as the embarrassment is too great. Whether you are going through this issue or a family member is, no one wants to be incontinent and this may be one […]

Red Light, Green Light, Gray Light – Seniors & Driving

I remember having a conversation with my father-in-law when he began to realize he could no longer drive his car safely. He was frustrated, angry and irritated as he had an impeccable driving record for the last 70 years. He also realized that his reaction time was lessening and a number of medical issues were […]

Sexy at 60 & Sultrier Than Ever at 70

Did you read my last blog on “Aging Body Curves”? When we define a positive body image it can be a very controversial subject and we all have our own perceptions on the topic. The same can be said for sexual intimacy. But why is the subject so taboo especially as we age? The silence, […]

Aging Body Curves

As we age, we tend to become happier, liberal and in many cases remain pretty darn sharp. Unfortunately, though, gravity is not our friend as we age. Let’s face it – our body shape changes as we age. We naturally begin to sag in places that we never thought possible. You cannot avoid some of […]

Anne on Grief

Q: I just lost my spouse and I can’t stop grieving, How do I overcome this sadness? Right now you are very understandably suffering, but you do not have to suffer forever, and you do not have to do it alone. The loss of loved one is a universal experience, but every person’s grieving process is different […]

Advanced Care Planning

Advance care planning is not just about old age. It has been my experience, that many people are unprepared to deal with legal and financial consequences when an unexpected end-of-life situation occurs. This can happen at any age and you may be in a position where you are unable to make your own health care […]